Xeround Cloud Database Joins the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace to Support Open Cloud Ecosystem

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Web Hosting ServicesMOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Xeround, the Cloud Database company, today announced that its zero-management cloud database for MySQL applications is now available to customers using the Rackspace open cloud. Xeround’s solution, including its popular free plan, is available for Rackspace’s first generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStackĀ® through the enhanced Cloud Tools Marketplace from RackspaceĀ® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the service leader in cloud computing. This marketplace will serve as a gateway to an open ecosystem of cloud solutions, which will give customers access to a broad range of tools that support Rackspace open cloud.

The Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace is a comprehensive catalog of innovative, third-party developed applications available for the Rackspace open cloud. Additionally, through the marketplace, customers can browse, review and connect to cloud solutions focused on management, monitoring, application deployment, and a host of other areas. By developing solutions for the Rackspace open cloud, Xeround provides increased flexibility for customers.

Designed as the most robust solution for running MySQL in the cloud, Xeround offers a simple, zero-management cloud database service, which guarantees automatic scaling and high availability with just one click. Xeround’s service boasts over 25,000 active users with more than 9,000 apps served daily by Xeround’s database service, many of them already running on Rackspace platform. The product comes in both a free version, most suitable for small-scale applications and development purposes, as well as paid plans, ideal for mission-critical applications that require larger DB sizes, unlimited scalability, high availability, SLA, and more.

Xeround is cloud-agnostic and is already running on leading cloud providers and cloud platforms worldwide (such as Amazon EC2, HP Cloud Services, Heroku, PHP Fog and more), including Rackspace’s data centers in the U.S. and in the UK.

“We’re thrilled to offer both free and paid plans of our cloud database within the new Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace,” said Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround. “Rackspace users can now experience the most robust solution for running MySQL in the cloud with no installation, configuration or management overhead by simply adding the product to their account within the Marketplace.”

Xeround’s solution on the Rackspace Cloud offers customers a scalable cloud database option,” said Ven Shanmugam, senior manager of corporate strategy at Rackspace. “We are excited that Xeround is now offering this additional flexibility via the Cloud Tools Marketplace.”

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About Xeround
Xeround enables a truly scalable cloud computing infrastructure by providing elastic and highly available database software for public and private clouds. Xeround’s cloud database for MySQL-based applications allows service providers, ISVs and customers to easily run their applications in the cloud and automatically scale up or down, all while ensuring availability in the event of failure or schema changes. The product is well-geared to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers, and is available either as a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) or as a virtual appliance. The company is based in Mountain View, California with research and development in Israel. Investors include Benchmark Capital, Giza Venture Capital, Ignition Partners and Trilogy Partnership. For more information, visit and follow Xeround on Twitter:

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