Advanced Internet Technologies Announces Release of New control panel SMT 6.0

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Web Hosting ServicesFayetteville, NC – Web Hosting Company AIT, Inc. (Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.) has taken a drastic step in improving the quality of service they offer their customers, by releasing a new 6th Generation Control Panel/Dashboard (SMT 6.0). The Server Management Tool (SMT 6.0) will allow customers to easily perform tasks and manage their websites and servers with simple, user-friendly tools, designed completely around the idea of improving customer experience and productivity.

“AIT has been developing this for a while now with the help of some of our longest standing customers and our in-house developers. We wanted SMT 6 to be built for our customers and their input was a part of the entire process. We listened to their feedback and worked extremely hard to deliver what they deserve”, – Jennifer Rivers Jackson, AIT Quality Assurance Manager.

“2012 has been a very exciting year for us; there have been a lot of changes and improvements with more to come. SMT 6 is just one part of that, a very big part. The new features such as 1-Click Application Installs for systems like WordPress are going to help customers get their websites up faster than before. However we didn’t leave out the more “tech savvy” users either, we created a simple system for deploying new databases, managing FTP & email users, all in just one or two clicks. It has really cut the learning curve and puts more control in a users hands”, said Roberto Blake, AIT Marketing Manager.

AIT’s new Server Management & Website Management Tools contains many new feature such as:

  • 1 Click installs for over 20 popular web applications and counting
  • Easier to use panel for managing email accounts, ftp users, and mysql databases
  • Simple to use account creation for Web Hosting Resellers
  • Improved Webmail and Online File Manager Application

“We wanted to improve the entire customer experience at every level,” Blake added. “It’s important to us and we invested a lot of effort into producing the best product possible. As a company we are constantly moving forward, and allowing our customers to do the same. We’re very focused on increasing the value we give to our customers to reward their loyalty and keep them with us.”

AIT is also in development of several mobile applications that will improve the customer experience, especially for Dedicated Hosting customers who want to monitor the status of their server from their phone or tablet. SMT6 will begin roll out for Linux hosting customers immediately, with a windows deployment expected at the end of the fourth quarter of 2012 or early 2013.

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