Global Colocation Solutions Provider CyrusOne Completes First Phase of ‘Massively Modular’ Carrollton, Texas, Data Center

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas – Global colocation solutions provider CyrusOne, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB), announced today that its 670,000-square-foot Carrollton facility—the largest data center in Texas and one of the most energy-efficient in the United States—is fully operational with the first 47,000 square feet of space commissioned and 10 percent of its total space already sold.

“With this facility, we are delivering an ‘enterprise quality’ data center, which requires the highest levels of security and resiliency, by taking advantage of scale economies typically only achievable by ‘webscale’ Internet companies,” said Gary Wojtaszek, president, CyrusOne.

Based on CyrusOne’s “Massively Modular” design philosophy, the facility delivers Fortune 1000 enterprise customers 400,000 square feet of raised-floor data center space and approximately 60,000 square feet of class A office space to accommodate customers’ employees. The facility is approximately one-quarter-mile long, or large enough to house six 747 airplanes, four football fields, a dozen space shuttles, or two Washington Monuments.

“With Massively Modular, we are able to achieve significant construction and asset utilization efficiencies that are simply not achievable in smaller facilities, and we beat the deployment speed of most of the ‘data center in a box’ solutions that are currently being marketed—getting our Carrollton facility to market in just 14 weeks,” said Kevin Timmons, chief technology officer, CyrusOne. “Aggressive sourcing enables a speedy commissioning of the site, which, in turn, enables us to deliver inventory just in time to best match our customer demand.”

Once the site is commissioned, the company plans to continue to optimize the return on customer investment through the industry-leading innovations it has incorporated into the design to power and cool the facility. Designed for 60 megawatts of power capacity—or enough capacity to power the equivalent of 6,000 residential homes—the facility’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) is the best in the Texas data center market. Energy efficiencies are driven by custom-built, pre-manufactured indirect evaporative cooling systems, as well as automated air management technologies.

“This approach to cooling the facility is on the cutting edge in terms of design. But what we’re most excited about are the cost efficiencies,” said Timmons. “Eighty percent of the year we are essentially cooling the facility for free, and that’s real ‘green’ savings we can share with customers. What this means for a typical corporation is as much as $1 million in savings on annual expenses and a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint. We believe it is better than any multitenant solution provided in the market today.”

Expected to be the most energy-efficient data center facility in the state of Texas and across the United States, CyrusOne submitted credits for LEED certification in July, with the award of the certification expected in September.

CyrusOne offers best-in-class performance and reliability for high-density and high-availability enterprise requirements for colocation solutions. The facilities’ data center power and redundant cooling architectures use advanced components and are designed with N+1 and 2N parallel redundancies, providing 100 percent uptime with service uninterrupted. The company has customers in 23 colocation facilities across the United States, London, and Singapore.

For more information, call 1-866-CYRUSONE (1-866-297-7663) or visit

About CyrusOne
CyrusOne specializes in enterprise data center colocation, offering the highest power redundancy (2N architecture) and power-density infrastructure. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has 23 facilities across the United States, London, and Singapore. CyrusOne is renowned for exemplary customer service. The company’s customers include more than 100 of the Fortune 1000 companies and 9 of the Fortune 20. CyrusOne is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB). For more information, call 1-866-CYRUSONE (1-866-297-7663) or visit

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