Global Data Center Provider CyrusOne Expands Houston West

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Web Hosting ServicesHouston – Global data center provider CyrusOne, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB), announced today plans to add a third data center facility at its Houston West location. The newest building is expected to be 120,000 square feet, with 24 MW of power, and completed in the first quarter of 2013.

“We are looking forward to constructing our third building and creating the first digital energy campus in Houston. This campus will create an ecosystem that will help facilitate the generation, analysis, and sharing of all the geophysical data that is required by the largest oil and gas companies in the world,” said Gary Wojtaszek, president, CyrusOne.

CyrusOne has one of the largest market positions in the oil and gas industry, doing business with nearly all super-majors and major oil and gas firms in the world. The continued expansion of its Houston facility is part of CyrusOne’s worldwide data center strategy, enabling customers to operate internationally with confidence and ease. To that end, the company has 23 data center locations across the United States, London, and Singapore to serve customers.

CyrusOne offers best-in-class performance and reliability for high-density and high-availability enterprise requirements for colocation solutions. The facilities’ data center power and redundant cooling architectures use advanced components and are designed with N+1 and 2N parallel redundancies, providing 100 percent uptime with service uninterrupted.

“Companies are quickly realizing that they need a specialized data center provider in order to take advantage of the new computing technologies. Over the past decade, CyrusOne has developed a unique engineering capability to handle the highest density compute environments in the industry combined with an umatched level of customer service,” said Wojtaszek.

The addition of 120,000 square feet brings the site total to 300,000 square feet—including the original Houston West colocation facility, the expansion to that facility in February, and the new building announced today. The new CyrusOne building at Houston West is also expected to meet Platinum LEED certification standards by optimizing energy, which can pass along considerable operating expense saving to customers.

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About CyrusOne
CyrusOne specializes in enterprise data center colocation, offering the highest power redundancy (2N architecture) and power-density infrastructure. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has 23 facilities across the United States, London, and Singapore. CyrusOne is renowned for exemplary customer service. The company’s customers include over 100 of the Fortune 1000 companies and 9 of the Fortune 20. CyrusOne is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB). For more information, call 1-866-CYRUSONE or visit

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