internet4YOU Cloud Marketplace Open for Business Users and Web Developers

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Web Hosting ServicesHamburg, Germany – The managed hosting provider internet4YOU opened its cloud marketplace today. Customers have access to cloud resources that can be retrieved from the provider’s data centers as required via the new web portal Virtual servers and complete business applications can be activated via the portal within minutes and are billed by the hour according to actual usage.

Not only can an individual cloud server be powered up with just a few mouse clicks, but the cloud marketplace also makes it possible to create entire server infrastructures for complex applications including firewall, load balancing, and automatic scaling. internet4YOU expects that web developers will especially appreciate the features it offers. A selection of open source business applications can also be accessed. The provider is open to partnerships with software vendors in this area in particular who would like to sell their products through the cloud marketplace. Contracts with Microsoft have already been negotiated. Soon Windows servers will be added to the marketplace to complement the existing Linux distributions.

The key to internet4YOU’s success is the portal’s user-friendliness. “While many offers require considerable technical expertise on the part of the user in order to set up a cloud server or a business application in the cloud, the key to our success is that the marketplace is easy to use,” says CEO Gihan Behrmann.

The price model is also rather simple. Only the resources that are actually used are charged by the hour. Payments can be made conveniently by credit card. “Every user can accurately set his resource usage,” Behrmann explains. “All parameters are easily configured using sliders and checkboxes.” One CPU core and one GB of RAM cost six cents per hour each. One GB of disk space costs thirteen cents per month.

The servers for the cloud marketplace are operated in internet4YOU’s four data centers in Germany. In order to strengthen trust in the cloud, the company took up the cause of maximum transparency. To this end, Behrmann takes a step toward his customers. “Anyone who wants to take a closer look at our cloud is cordially invited to visit our data centers. Many customers find it impressive to see how much effort we put into ensuring secure cloud computing.”
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internet4YOU is a German-based Managed Service Provider for business customers. The company was founded in 1998 and has a strong focus on the conception and data center operations of server infrastructures for business critical applications. With a broad portfolio of Managed Hosting and Cloud Hosting solutions, internet4YOU serves fast growing companies that have successful Internet-based business models, portals and major e-commerce vendors. At four highly secure data center locations in Germany, 1,000 companies rely on internet4YOU for their IT operations.

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