Asahi Technologies Announces Zend Services in New York

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Web Hosting Services – With more than 10 million downloads and 27 percent market share around the world, Zend is now considered as the most popular object oriented web application framework. The tool lets programmers generate clean code that separates business logic, presentation and data access thereby making it as an efficient framework. To enable online stores access flexible Zend solutions, Asahi technologies a web development firm now offers customized web solutions using Zend Framework.

“As a premier innovator of Web Development, Asahi Technologies leads the industry by creating Flexible, scalable and cutting edge Zend web solutions which are affordable for small and start-up businesses” stated Vinod Subbaiah, CEO of Asahi Technologies on the Zend services offered to small and start-up businesses. Some benefits of Zend are its MVC (model-view-controller) pattern that enables code reusability and separation of concerns. Apart from that, the flexible caching sub-system supports many types of back ends, such as memory or a file system. However, the striking advantage of Zend lies in the active community that contributes solutions via thousands of other developers.

To help firms learn more about Web Application Development, Asahi Technologies provides a free online consultation to clients letting them understand their Zend options. The firm also specializes in other web development tools like Drupal, and Cake PHP.

About Asahi Technologies
Asahi Technologies is a New York based web design and development firm that provides software consulting and Web solutions to small and medium level businesses all across North America. Asahi Technologies specializes in responsive design, cloud computing, online marketing, mobile application development and open source technologies. Under the leadership of Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, who himself started his career as a software programmer, Asahi Technologies’ team comprises of experienced software professionals having extensive knowledge of technology with B2C and B2B operations. The firm’s headquarters is located in New York City, NY.

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