ASEOHosting Advises Users to Use Two-Factor Authentication

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Web Hosting ServicesHudson, FL – ASEOHosting, a popular provider of multiple IP hosting and US and EU dedicated SEO servers, has advised that users take advantage of the extra security provided by two-factor authentication wherever possible.

Identity theft and site hacking are serious problems. Hardly a week goes by where the news doesn’t carry reports of large password databases being stolen from popular services that have failed to adequately protect their user’s security information. Because of the huge numbers of passwords that have fallen into the hands of hackers, they now have an excellent statistical model of the sort of passwords that people choose. This means that many people are now vulnerable to having their password reconstituted from poorly implemented hashing should a database containing it be stolen.

There are three main ways identity verification can be carried out. It can use something users know (passwords), something they have (a device), or something they are (biometric data). ASEOHosting believes that in the modern world, one of these is not enough, and they encourage users and clients to adopt two-factor authentication wherever possible.

“We understand that there is a balance to be struck between security and convenience,”, commented ASEOHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations , Daniel Page, ”But sometimes a little convenience must be sacrificed to ensure that our online lives are kept safe from those who would exploit our personal information in harmful ways.”

Two-factor authentication, which can be used with both Gmail and Facebook, among others, relies on both a password and an item of personal property, for example a cell phone or tablet. When logging in from a new machine, services will send information to the mobile device either via a special app or an SMS message, which users then use to confirm their identity.

Two-factor authentication will protect users in many situations where they are vulnerable to having their passwords stolen, including when they log in over insecure Wi-Fi networks. ASEOHosting believes that the minor inconvenience incurred by two-factor authentication is more than worth the peace of mind and lower risk that it offers.

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