Dedicated Web Server Provider Adds Windows Server Infrastructure In New Data Center

September 26, 2012 by  

Web Hosting Services – Tom Beck, the CTO of ProlimeHost, today announced the completion of the first phase of integration of their dedicated web servers with Microsoft Windows in their new data center in South Bend, Indiana. The announcement was made earlier today by Beck in a short and quick press conference.

The eminent web hosting organization had announced the commencement of their new data center in South Bend, Indiana in an earlier press conference last week. This is the third data center of ProlimeHost in the USA, and the first one in the northern parts of USA. This new data center will bolster the two already-existing centers located in the southern city of Dallas and the south-western city of Phoenix respectively.

“We have kept our promise to our customers of integrating our new data center with Windows based dedicated web servers in less than two weeks”, Beck mentioned in the brief press meet. “Our engineers worked hard over the days and nights and it took us just over a week for rolling out the first phase. It is a pleasure to have our Windows based dedicated web servers in this state-of-the-art establishment. We are planning to have a second phase of rollout for Windows based dedicated servers in the subsequent phase, if the customer demand converts to uptake of these servers in the current phase. The current plan, though, is to monitor the operations carefully and ensure that our new Windows customers operating out of this data center receive the maximum possible asset leverage.”

After a productive July and August, the month of September has also seen ProlimeHost ( Visit Us ) venture into multiple strategic move leading to business growth. Their recently launched data center boasts of stellar hardware infrastructure including a gigabit LAN and multi-network external optical fibers.

It is interesting to note that the optical fiber technology is used to transfer Internet-scale data using deep undersea cables to connect other continents like Europe, Australia and Asia to the USA “While a web hosting company having an infrastructure with OC-X cables it not unheard of, but only a few among many providers are technically equipped to this level. We are fortunate that we can provide such robust infrastructure to those who trust to buy dedicates server services from Prolime”, Beck said in his short press interview.

Just like the Linux servers, the Windows based servers will also be operated only by employees with strict background checks and digital key based encrypted access cards. Apart from physical security, the data center is also protected from external disturbances such as power failures, with 24X7 diesel generator based power backup.

The new dedicated web servers running Windows have already been fully integrated with the popular commercial web hosting automation program, Plesk, as per the company reports.

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