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Web Hosting ServicesSALT LAKE CITY, UT – FatPipe, the inventor and multiple patents holder of Wide Area Network (WAN) redundancy, security, and optimization products, can help companies avoid downtime due to outsourced web hosting outages, such as yesterday’s GoDaddy downed web hosting and email services. As of 7:00pm ET yesterday, GoDaddy had yet to fully restore services. As a result, all GoDaddy-hosted email addresses as well as websites hosted by the company were still down, and the company could not predict when services would be up and running again.

Any of the reported five million websites run by businesses that hosted web services with GoDaddy will experience a sharp loss in productivity, most likely resulting in a loss in revenue. Without a proper business continuity/backup plan, online services companies provide to their customers become unavailable for the entire duration of the downtime, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Companies that want to avoid these types of scenarios can look to FatPipe for tried and true solutions that address webhosting/cloud failures head on using one of two main approaches. First, FatPipe’s patented technology, SmartDNS, gives customers total control over inbound traffic by automatically and intelligently failing over DNS traffic from one line to another across any type of Wide Area Network, including hyperconverged, disparate, hybrid or homogeneous networks. The FatPipe unit becomes the Authoritative DNS, allowing customers to have total control over inbound traffic. Additionally, FatPipe Smart DNS provides solutions that transcend webhosting site outages by failing over traffic from one site to another, load balancing across lines and between sites. This is in addition to FatPipe’s patented RAIL technology for outbound failover.

FatPipe automatically, intelligently and seamlessly fails over lines and sessions when Telcos, services, physical lines or components unexpectedly fail. FatPipe achieves this by aggregating multiple data lines of any speed and combination (including T1, E1, E3, DS3, 3/4G, satellite, MPLS, etc.) from multiple ISPs, to provide the highest level of Internet/WAN resiliency and redundancy. Dynamically balancing load over the lines, and using Quality of Service (QoS) and other WAN optimization techniques when all are up and running provides for much higher transmission speeds.

Companies that want to avoid downtime due to failures that occur to their outsourced webhosting service, such as GoDaddy, or avoid unpredictable cloud-based service failures, can attain automatic failover of data traffic from one site to another using FatPipe’s site-to-site failover and load balancing solutions. By installing a virtual FatPipe at the cloud/web hosting company site and a FatPipe at the customer premise — a data center or headquarters — the customer can failover all traffic from one site to another seamlessly. For more information, visit:

About FatPipe Networks
FatPipe Networks, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA is the inventor and holder of 8 patents with over 168 specific technology claims for products that provide the world’s highest redundancy, reliability and security for WAN/Internet transmissions. Customer benefits include up to seven-nines WAN redundancy, reliability, and speed; dynamic load balancing, WAN optimization, and additional security, including UTM services, and IPSec capabilities. FatPipe invented the concept of virtualized WANs using software to define wide area networks. FatPipe has received 40 awards for innovation and leadership. For more information, please visit:

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