IBM Opens Smarter Data Center in Mexico to Support Clients’ Growth and Transformation

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Web Hosting ServicesGUADALAJARA, Mexico – IBM announced today the opening of its Smarter Data Center, located at the IBM Technology Campus in Guadalajara city, Mexico. This first-of-its-kind site in the country will support the business transformation of enterprise and government clients and help them improve operations in today’s global economic environment.

The IBM Smarter Data Center will provide clients with unique 3D tools for IT infrastructure planning and modeling accuracy as well as real-time virtual access to tools that enable them to monitor their system performance for more informed and timely decision making. In addition, predictive analytics capabilities will help clients prevent and anticipate critical events from impacting systems performance. By using intelligent data analytics, clients will be able to maximize operational performance and decision making as well reduce costs with system energy efficiencies. The Smarter Data Center will be connected to IBM’s IT Outsourcing Services Command Center in Mexico City, opened in June 2012, enhancing overall capabilities in Mexico.

The approximately $30 million investment strengthens IBM’s commitment to Mexico’s development and growth. IBM has been operating in Mexico for 85 years. The new facility is part of the $70 million that IBM is investing in Mexico in 2012 toward high value technology initiatives such as new infrastructure for service delivery, manufacturing projects and the expansion of its operation and footprint in new cities to support clients’ business growth requirements.

The IBM Smarter Data Center will become part of IBM’s global network of more than 400 data centers providing clients with access to IT tools and resources, knowledge transfer, best practices and global standards. It will also provide a broad IT services portfolio, including the ability to outsource part or all of the IT environment in an “on demand” approach; information hosting and business application virtualization services; scalable Cloud Computing projects; business continuity and disaster recovery services; and full IT outsourcing. These services will fill existing needs for greater flexibility to respond to future changes in business requirements and operational performance, regardless of the client’s volume levels.

“Supported by long term experience in data centers, we are proud to be able to offer to Mexican companies new opportunities to innovate and achieve greater competitive advantage. We aim to support Mexico’s and our clients’ development and capabilities, seeking to provide high transformational value and contribute to our Smarter Planet agenda,” said Hugo Santana, President and General Manager of IBM Mexico.

The new center will occupy 600 square meters of initial space with the ability to grow to four times its current size. In addition, the IBM Smarter Data Center will employ electromechanical capabilities to better manage client assets and facilities and make full use of the availability and security of redundant components that minimize all potential critical failure points. In that way, IBM can help protect client data and IT infrastructure.

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