AHosting Warns Businesses to Beware Of Spearphishing Attacks

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Web Hosting ServicesHudson, FL – AHosting, a leading provider of personal and enterprise hosting solutions, has issued a warning to its clients and other businesses in the US to ensure that their staff are educated about the potential risks of spearphishing and effective mitigation techniques.

Spearphishing is a subset of the online attack known as phishing, a form of social engineering that has resulted in several serious breaches of cybersecurity in recent months. Phishing involves the acquisition of sensitive security information, like passwords and other identifying data, by pretending to be a trustworthy entity. One of the most common forms of phishing involves sending an email that purports to be from an organization, like a bank or social network, requiring a user to follow a link and log in using their credentials. However, the link will direct them to a false version of the expected site, and the login credentials will be stolen and used for identity theft or further security breaches.

In the case of spearphishing, businesses are specifically targeted and the email and falsified website are tailored to represent services that the business is known to use, increasing the chances that employees will supply the desired information. All staff, whether or not they have access to sensitive information need to be made aware of the risk spearphishing presents. In many instances, criminals intentionally target low-level employees, and once their identity is appropriated, use their access to gather information in order to escalate the attack.

“It is essential that employees at all levels are given adequate training so they are able to spot potential attacks,” stated Ahosting, Inc.’s VP of Sales, Nick Max, “In recent months, the White House, and various businesses have fallen prey to attacks that originated with spearphishing.”

AHosting has advised that businesses invest is training and education programs to appraise staff of the relevant risks, increase awareness of the possibility that email is an insecure means of communication and that links in received mail should be viewed with caution.

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