AIT Offers Industry Low pricing to New Flexible VPS Hosting Line

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Web Hosting ServicesFayetteville, NC – On Monday, Fayetteville, NC web hosting and domain registration company, Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. (AIT) unveiled its new VPS Hosting plan s. AIT’s virtual servers start at $24.99 a month with 1 GB ram, 30 gigs of hard drive space, and single core processors with higher end plans containing up to quad core Xeon processors, 4 GB’s of ram, and 100 gigs of hard drive space.

“In the past few years, we’ve made many changes to our infrastructure. The VPS product is one that’s near to our heart because we’ve been doing VPS systems in one form or another for over 16 years. These solutions create value for our customers by building a bridge between the benefits of shared and dedicated hosting,” said Michael Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of AIT. “We wanted to develop a line of affordable vps hosting packages that would be the perfect solution for people who host multiple websites that are not database or application intensive, who either have businesses, blogs or are just starting in ecommerce. Through VPS they get the security and resources they need in order build themselves up for a transition to an independent dedicated server.”

AIT’s Virtual Server environment is backed by VMWare, which is used by many enterprise infrastructures, and has been a trusted partner of Microsoft and EMC for years. VMware is the current market leader in the virtualization market. “Some customers are confused by the concept of virtual servers. The machines are very real, and in fact are enterprise server hardware, which means that VPS customers are hosted on extremely power dedicated machines, at a fraction of the cost.” Roberts continued.

Over 80% of medium and enterprise level companies trust VMWare solutions like AIT’s VPS Hosting, to power their virtual datacenters. With VPS Hosting, customers have the ability to upgrade their server resources quickly and easily. With Virtual Servers, administrators can easily allocate more resources to virtualized machine with no downtime to the server. AIT is offering the lowest priced VPS hosting plans and has over 16 years of experience in the hosting industry. AIT’s customers echo the company’s statement that customers come first. “AIT is great and seems to be getting better all the time. Since I started with AIT in the mid 1990’s I have never seen or heard of any web hosting services which can come close to AIT,” said Tom Robinson, a satisfied customer for over 12 years.

AIT is a 16 year-old NC based technology company, a two time Inc 500 winner, and offers domain registration, dedicated servers, web hosting, value-added reseller hosting plans, and marketing services to companies around the globe. AIT currently manages hundreds of thousands of domain names and thousands of dedicated server customers located throughout the globe.

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