AYKsolutions Announces Partnership with SnowLinux Distributions

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Web Hosting ServicesSchenectady, NY – AYKsolutions (, a leading dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and virtual private server (VPS hosting) services provider, announced today a new partnership with SnowLinux, developers of popular Linux distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu. As part of the partnership, AYKsolutions will donate unmetered dedicated server hosting to SnowLinux, allowing SnowLinux to continue their exceptional growth on reliable, powerful servers, making it easier for users to download the latest version.

“Linux dedicated server hosting is a large part of our business so we reach out to Linux developers every chance we get,” says Artyom Khmelnitsky, President of AYKsolutions. “At AYKsolutions, we have a responsibility to remain at the forefront of the Linux industry by supporting distributions that are quickly growing in popularity and becoming great choices for our Linux hosting customers. SnowLinux is a user-friendly Linux set of distributions built for better performance, and we believe SnowLinux is a competitive solution our customers will enjoy using. AYKsolutions is proud to pledge our ongoing support for SnowLinux, beginning with a much-needed donation of dedicated server resources.”

Since its first version was released in 2009, SnowLinux has become a collection of Linux distributions designed to give customers the maximum flexibility to choose the operating system (OS) that works best for their needs. Currently, customers can select from distributions based on Debian or Ubuntu. For both distributions, SnowLinux downloads are available, featuring a choice of desktop experiences, including LXDE, XFCE, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon, and MATE. Each version comes with useful applications, from file managers to disk monitoring tools, making SnowLinux a complete out-of-the-box foundation for both home users and Linux hosting service users. However, offering such a variety of Linux builds requires professional dedicated server hosting. As SnowLinux has grown in popularity, its developers have found it more difficult to find and finance sufficient hosting services.

“We closely monitor the Linux market and the latest distributions,” says Khmelnitsky. “SnowLinux provides a stable, flexible OS, but serving customers with ISOs of multiple distributions and maintaining an update manager requires dedicated server hosting with plenty of disk space and fast, unmetered transfer. Our unmetered dedicated server hosting services are the perfect match for SnowLinux, and we are happy to donate a server to the developers to help them offer varied distributions and builds.”

In addition to providing Linux hosting services, AYKsolutions regularly works with Linux developers to support the Linux industry as a whole. Previously, AYKsolutions sponsored Linux Mint, another rapidly growing Linux distribution, by offering two unmetered dedicated servers. By encouraging the growth of new Linux distributions and supporting competition, AYKsolutions continues to donate dedicated server hosting resources to help distributions reach as many users as possible. The performance, stability, and features of up-and-coming distributions force better-established variants, including Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, to develop new features in order to hold their market share. An atmosphere of healthy competition results in the best possible quality for Linux dedicated server customers as they select their preferred OS.

“Until now, we have been able to support the growth of SnowLinux ourselves with the help of small donations from our users,” says Lars Torben, Creator of SnowLinux. “But our growth means that we need quality dedicated server hosting with unmetered transfer to serve files from our repository. AYKsolutions has kindly equipped us with an unmetered dedicated server that meets our ever-increasing needs.”

“Our unmetered hosting services are the ideal solution for customers serving large files to a lot of visitors,” says AYKsolutions’ Khmelnitsky. “We are confident that our donation will help SnowLinux become a competitive force in the industry and, in turn, push developers to make their Linux distributions more reliable, powerful, and intuitive than ever before.”

As a provider of enterprise dedicated server hosting, AYKsolutions also supports the wider industry surrounding Linux hosting services. With the new SnowLinux partnership, AYKsolutions is making a significant investment in the evolution of new Linux distributions, bringing better solutions to every single Linux user.

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About SnowLinux
With a focus on making Linux as easy to use as Windows, SnowLinux is a rapidly growing, free Linux operating system (OS) distribution. SnowLinux is available in a number of different variations to suit the tastes, preferences, and goals of each user. The two core SnowLinux versions are based around Debian and Ubuntu, both of which are well-established and dependable Linux distributions. The kernel-level features are supplemented by the availability of different graphic interfaces, including MATE, Cinnamon, and Gnome.

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About AYKsolutions
AYKsolutions is a leading web hosting company that has been providing high-quality hosting services since 2004. AYKsolutions offers a comprehensive range of web hosting solutions to meet the needs of Internet professionals and enterprise customers. The company’s product line includes shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and Vault Data Protection. With a roster of high-end data centers across the U.S., and now Europe, AYKsolutions is able to provide dedicated clients with innovative and improved service levels and a professional, painless, and polite hosting experience.

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