BigStep Inc. Announces Own Elastic, Pay-Per-Use Cloud, Located in Europe

October 1, 2012 by  

Web Hosting Services – Dedicated Servers Unlike most cloud offers, the BigStep service functions on an IaaS model and offers pay-per-hour access to hosting infrastructure, built exclusively from latest generation HP enterprise hardware. The service will function from two points of presence, one in Telehouse, London, and one in Bucharest, Romania.

The main benefits of using BigStep’s infrastructure-as-a-service cloud, or Full Metal Cloud are:

No vendor lock-in
Clients can decide to switch providers at any time. Applications moved to the BigStep cloud won’t grow dependent from it. If it works with BigStep, it will work on almost all IaaS implementations as well as on classical dedicated servers.

Virtual Datacenter Access
A cloud account is not associated with just one virtual machine, but with an entire virtual data center, where virtual machines can be created, activated and stopped with just a few clicks. The Virtual Datacenter remains available for clients even when no cloud servers are activated and access to it is free.

Automatic Failover & Live Migration
If any physical server from the BigStep cloud has any hardware issues, or if a cloud server has less than optimum performance, the virtual machine will automatically be restarted on a different physical server. Virtual machines can be moved from one hardware server to another with zero downtime.

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