Canadian Web Hosting Deploys Secure IT Botnet and Malware Prevention

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Web Hosting ServicesVancouver, BC – Canadian Web Hosting, the leading IT services and web hosting solutions, VPS, VM and cloud hosting services, announced today the deployment of Secure IT Botnet and Malware Prevention across its entire network. Secure IT is a combination of industry-leading technologies and partnerships that have been combined to create an advanced Defense Network layer that protects and monitors botnets and a website’s IP reputation to protect users and networks from possible malware attacks. Canadian Web Hosting customers utilizing this service will immediately benefit by eliminating attempts at data theft, reducing detrimental network activity, decrease spam to their inbox, and improve overall server and network performance. More importantly, Secure IT ensures that business infrastructure and IPs are protected and helps business customers remain competitive by improving productivity, and avoiding possible reputational damage.

The Botnet Defense and anti-malware technologies work by enabling Canadian Web Hosting’s network-based firewalls to block both inbound and outbound traffic by tracking, updating, reporting, and delivering malicious activities to the firewall gateway to enforce pre-determined security policies. The technology automatically stops any incoming or outgoing traffic including those coming from malware sites, and makes the host server invisible to the remote user.

“Over the next five years, the number of Web sites on the Internet will grow to almost five to seven times today’s number, and more and more of those sites will become targets by inappropriate or outright malicious attacks,” said Kevin Liang, Canadian Web Hosting CTO. “With these new technologies, we are providing a streamlined security platform that allows us to create custom white and black lists, lists for inbound and outbound blocking, as well as focusing on geographical regions or malware types. In doing so, we are able to remove a significant amount of malware for our customers. By giving our customers Secure IT, their content, systems, and reputation values will be protected from malicious attacks.”

Today, botnets, spear-phishing, and related malware among the greatest network security risks. These malicious activities are designed to steal valuable data and control user machines and can cause great financial, competitive and reputational damage. Industry surveys show that botnet infection is near 100% for organizations of all sizes. For just a few dollars a month, Canadian Web Hosting customers can add the new defense layer to their plans and feel reassured that their IP, their business and their investment are secure. Contact Canadian Web Hosting today at 888-821-7888 or by email at to find out how to get Secure IT Botnet and Malware Prevention today.

Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been providing a 100% all Canadian service that delivers on-demand hosting solutions including Shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for Canadian companies of all sizes. Through the use of innovative technologies and experienced support personnel, they continually focus on helping each customer by offering configurable solutions that are tailored to their exacting business requirements. Canadian Web Hosting guarantees a 100% network uptime, and a total money back guarantee that backs everything they do. Customers can get help by calling 1-888-821-7888 to get basic support. For more advanced technical support, customers can use email, ticketing or real time live chat support with support staff. For more information, visit them at

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