GBSHouse partner with UK Web Hosting Company Castlegem

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Web Hosting Services – GBSHouse, the developers and creators of the DNS service Rage4, have partnered with the UK Webhosting giant, Castlegem. This partnership will allow GBSHouse to provide Castlegems clientele with their industry-leading Rage4 DNS service.

Rage4 is a new and exciting DNS service. Unlike many other DNS services, Rage4 works on a pay-as-you-go billing model, which means that users only pay for real usage. Every domain, which uses Rage4, receives 250,000 free requests per month. This simple to use service, comes with many free features such as GeoDNS, failover support, API access and server monitoring.

The partnership will see Castlegem’s clients receive access to Rage4, which currently has 12 Points Of Presence (PoP) distributed around the globe. This will enable Castlegem’s customers to decrease latency time and increase download speeds on their sites.

GBSHouse are always on the lookout for other companies to partner with them.

Peter Ginalski, CTO and founder of GBSHouse, said it was fantastic Castlegem was on board “Castlegem offer rock solid services, their team is very knowledgeable and are professional to work with.”

Bernhard Lorenz, Managing Director of Castlegem, said that Rage4 was “DNS for pros” and summed his thoughts up by saying Rage4 is an “absolutely top notch service”.

About GBSHouse
Since 2004, Ireland based GBSHouse have specialized in creating sophisticated solutions combining software development and network engineering. Rage4 is the latest project to be developed by this family owned business.

About Castlegem
Founded in 1995, Castlegem focuses on providing high availability services and develop customized ecommerce and professional software. They offer virtualized and dedicated servers across Europe and North America.

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