ASEOHosting Advises Webmasters to Use Google’s Link Disavowal Tool With Caution

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Web Hosting ServicesHudson, Florida – ASEOHosting, a leading provider of US and EU SEO hosting, has warned website owners to be cautious in their use of Google’s recently released link disavowal tool.

The Link Disavowal tool allows users to request that certain incoming links not be taken into consideration by Google when assessing a site’s ranking in its search engine results pages.

When the tool was first announced, Matt Cutts, a prominent member of Google’s webspam team, made it clear that in the vast majority of cases, concerned website owners should avoid using it, and instead try to have links removed manually by contacting the sites in question.

The purpose of the tool is to disavow those links that website owners believe are having a deleterious effect on their search engine ranking. Those links are generally the result of either previous ill-advised SEO strategies or, occasionally, negative SEO efforts by competitors.

However, it appears that a number of inexperienced users are overreacting to the problem of undesirable links and disavowing links that are harmless or even valuable. The process of reversing a disavowal can take a significant amount of time.

“We think that in the hands of experts and experienced professionals, the Link Disavowal tool is a great idea,” commented Daniel Page, ASEOHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations, “However, many users have seen fluctuations in their search rankings, and they may be making unjustified assumptions as to the cause and preemptively using the tool to disavow positive incoming links.”

ASEOHosting advise that users only attempt to disavow incoming links if they are certain of their negative impact. This is generally only the case when Google has sent an unnatural link warning, there is evidence of a significant drop in traffic due to a penalty, or there is evidence of a negative SEO attack.

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