Hivelocity Releases Dubstep Remix of Data Center Video Tour

November 6, 2012 by  

Web Hosting Services – Data center and hosting provider Hivelocity ( has announced the release of “The Hivelocity Experience and Data Center Video Tour” today. This unique video is meant to both enlighten and entertain its viewers and is guaranteed to be like no other data center tour in the industry.

“The Hivelocity Experience Video Tour” is not just a data center tour, but also more a representation of what the Hivelocity experience is meant to be for its customers. High energy, industry leading innovation and an extreme level of satisfaction are what Hivelocity aims to make the customer experience all about.

“Data centers are by their very nature sterile environments. Unfortunately, our industry has taken that sterile environment and transposed it right into their marketing and data center tour efforts. The Hivelocity Experience shows that servers and data centers do not have to be boring. We wanted our tour to be informative while also putting viewers on the edge of their seat,” says Hivelocity President Mike Architetto. “

Hivelocity has always strived to provide a unique experience for its customers, and takes what outsiders may perceive as a dull industry and adds some flair. From advertising campaigns likening servers to male enhancement pills, to recently having customers jumping out of airplanes for free service, Hivelocity has an edge and their new data center tour stays on par.

The Hivelocity Experience and Data Center Video Tour can be found at or on YouTube at

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