Prolime Host Completes Cpanel Augmentation On Linux Dedicated Servers At New US Data Center

December 20, 2012 by  

Web Hosting Services – Prolime Host (, a leading US dedicated server based web hosting provider, announced further software infrastructure enhancements today. In a brief conference earlier today, the company spokespersons met the press with a summary of their latest enhancements. The US web hosting giant has shown remarkable commitment in augmenting hardware and software infrastructure for their dedicated server business vertical, with new announcements coming up every month for six consecutive months in the second half of 2012. Their latest enhancements concern the Linux servers located in their new South Bend datacenter, in which they completed Cpanel feature enhancements, WHM integration with Cpanel and incorporation of database diversity.

Tom Beck, the Chief Technical Officer of Prolime Host, met the press along with his team members. “We have now completed enhancing our South Bend datacenter with the Cpanel feature enhancements, like we did at your Dallas center a month back. Although exciting, there is no major surprise in the set of enhancements – they comprise approximately the same set of changes as in Dallas. Among the major additions, database diversity has been introduced rather than remaining confined to the use of only MySQL. WHM, the multi-user control for Cpanel, has also been introduced. There are a few more changes which are smaller in scale. With this set of changes, we are better equipped than ever before to offer heterogeneous web hosting solutions to our customers.”

The web hosting giant has been actively investing in infrastructure augmentation over the past two quarters. In a market severely challenged by the ongoing economic downturn where the companies are investing their top dollar in marketing efforts, these expensive infrastructure enhancements may prove to be an expensive risk taken by the company. However, Prolime Host believes that the enhanced operational efficiency, quality of service and granularity of user control resulting from these investments will carry them longer than only closing sales deals. The company further believes that while their top dollar is being invested towards overall user experience, their reduced marketing efforts will yield higher-than-average percentage of ROI because of their solid business fundamentals and concrete word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied users.

The company spokesperson was quoted saying, “The impact of the infrastructure changes will initially not be on the revenue. However, as our customer stickiness increases and customer satisfaction enhances, the long-term revenue generation will be positively impacted. Currently, the performance and feature set of the Cpanel driven Linux dedicated servers in our South Bend datacenter is second to practically none, if we are compared with our competition.” The average lifespan of a user will increase, leading to further long-term revenue, as per the spokesperson.

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