SafeDNS Launches Free Service That Protects its Users From Internet Threats

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Web Hosting ServicesAlexandria, VA – The tech startup SafeDNS emerges from stealth mode with a network platform that protects Internet users and their families from malware, phishing and botnets, and allows its users to block certain categories of websites, such as pornography and online advertising.

This new player offers services similar to Google DNS and OpenDNS, simultaneously providing a reliable DNS service and a free cloud-based service for insuring internet safety.

The core of the platform is the basic protocol of Internet DNS and the technology BGP Anycast, which ensures the reliability of the distribution network of the company’s DNS centers.

As of its launch SafeDNS has two DNS centers, one in California and the other in New York. This allows the company to guarantee fast response throughout the entire United States of America.

The service protects its users from malware, botnets, and phishing. In addition, it allows its users to block certain categories of websites, such as pornography and gambling.

Currently the SafeDNS database contains nearly 5 million domains, sorted into over 50 categories so that users can customize the level and type of filtration based on their needs. This allows users to not only surf the web safely, but also set up parental controls at home or at school.

Most Internet users use their provider’s DNS service, but this is far from the best option. SafeDNS provides DNS-on-steroids, which is more reliable and safe, and it does it for free.

About SafeDNS
SafeDNS is a young technology company which provides content-filtering services as well as protection from internet threats for end-users, small to medium businesses, schools, and ISPs.

The core of the SafeDNS platform is the basic Internet protocol DNS, which works like the yellow pages, translating domain names into IP addresses.

The service’s main value, as asserted by its creators, is to give the over two billion Internet users the ability to surf the web safely regardless of location or which device they use. For more information about SafeDNS, please visit:

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