Singapore Host Receives Recognition for the Provision of Quality Web Hosting Services

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore, Singapore – For companies based in Singapore, they offer a number of specialised web hosting features such as faster website loading times for users based in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific. This can be advantageous for companies that have the majority of their user base in Singapore and the surrounding regions. To achieve this, Singapore Host, like most other cloud hosting providers, has its own data center facility which is situated in Singapore as well. Not only does this allow them complete control over every aspect of the facility, Singapore has a reputation of being relatively safe and has a much lower risk of facing natural disasters that will cripple the data center and other critical information technology facilities.

Singapore Host’s data center facility is also equipped with multiple bandwidth providers. The presence of multiple providers leads to a redundant setup, which is a core consideration of any data center facility. The reason for multiple bandwidth providers is if there is a disruption in the connectivity of one of the carriers, traffic can be re-routed through another path through another carrier.

Even though Singapore has a relatively reliable supply of electricity, Singapore Host’s data center facility still has its own power generator and UPS units to take care of any disruptions and spikes within the national power grid. Even if there is a disaster and the power goes out, the power generators will kick in automatically, thereby ensuring that servers and network remain online. As like the bandwidth providers, the data center has many data generators in order to distribute the total load of the facility. If a generator malfunctions, the rest of the generators reallocate the load and continue to provide power to the facility. Sally Ang, an online guitar lessons instructor, commented, “I chose Singapore Host because of the impressive infrastructure that they are running on.”

Singapore Host has also not shied away from its responsibility of taking care of the environment. This particular factor has been much appreciated both within the local and international community. Singapore Host’s data center facility is equipped with the latest green technology, and on top of that, also practices as much eco-friendliness as it can. For example, Dell servers providing more performance per every Watt of energy consumed have been integrated within the facility. In fact, Singapore Host’s spokesperson at a recent conference on the protection of the environment revealed that almost all of the paper that is used with their offices is recycled.

Clients looking for an environmentally responsible and high-performance company should definitely consider Singapore Host as their web hosting provider.

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