SingHost Partners with CloudFlare to Deliver with High Performance and Strong Security

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore, Singapore – The basic aim of any web hosting company is to make sure that the website of their clients remains online 24x7x365. Moreover, a web hosting company is responsible for making sure that every query, whether technical or non-technical, is answered promptly without any unnecessary delays. The web hosting industry is one of the more competitive industries, and as such, customer service is one of the few factors that can make or break a web hosting company.

SingHost has dedicated itself from the very start to provide a high level of customer service to its customers. Every client is guaranteed to have a customer service representative who is present at all times to help them out with anything that they need. Besides customer service, delivering superior performance has also been one of SingHost’s core objectives. That is why their recent partnership with CloudFlare makes a lot of sense, in terms of long-term business strategic planning.

Over the last few years, web security has become a matter of concern for every individual on the Internet, and while there have been a rise of commercial services, such as web trust seals, they cannot guarantee the security of your hosting account. Hackers can breach into website accounts and steal valuable client information. Websites can also be taken over, and used maliciously to disseminate viruses and worms, infecting any device of any user who uses the specific website. There are thousands of Internet security threats out there, and while most of them have been dealt with, there are some of them that can still cause severe problems if proper security measures are not put in place.

CloudFlare is a useful solution because it works on two fronts: not just in terms of performance, but as well as the security of a website. CloudFlare provides protection against a number of security threats. It protects a website against spammers, SQL injection attacks, in addition to DDOS attacks that can cripple a web site entirely. In fact, with CloudFlare, clients can also hide email addresses, and prevent hot-linking of images on their websites.

With regards to performance improvements, there are many optimization techniques that are employed by CloudFlare to make a webpage load faster as compared to other websites. One way that this is done is through having the client websites’ images, CSS files, and Javascript files served from their servers instead, which exist in a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This feature allows a web page to be loaded quite quickly because the CDN is able to serve files from a server that is geographically nearer to the visitor, thereby reducing access lags. One of the best features provided by a CDN is that, even if a web hosting server were to go down for any reason, the cached version of the website would still be available online from another server. Therefore, the site will still be accessible to users.

SingHost has partnered with CloudFlare and is offering its customers the CloudFlare service for free, which is a commendable improvement in the Singapore web hosting industry. SingHost customers just have to log into their control panel and they will be able to access the CloudFlare management panel. With this partnership with CloudFlare, hosting a web page with SingHost allows users to have their websites loaded faster than other sites on the Internet, and also keep their websites far more secure.

Website owners looking for quality, performance, security, and excellent customer service now have another good reason to go to SingHost.

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