Tilaa achieves a price breakthrough in VPS hosting

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Web Hosting ServicesAmsterdam – Hosting provider and cloud provider Tilaa ( has drastically dropped its prices for VPS hosting. In some instances, prices have been reduced by up to 75%. Customers can have a VPS solution for just € 3.90 a month. With this radical fee reduction, the Dutch provider has unleashed an international price breakthrough.

From fixed pricing plans to separate components
Tilaa is able to offer such an incredible price reduction by insourcing large volumes. And offering separate components rather than fixed rate plans.
The fixed rate plans that other providers offer mean that customers have a limited choice – a combination of, for example, memory capacity, hard disk space and data traffic. From today, we will be offering unrivalled flexibility. Using the configurator, customers can reserve the precise capacity, and amount, they need. Which means they avoid buying over-capacity. And that saves money”, says Gerben van de Ven, director of Tilaa. “Compared to our previous, fixed rate plan, the price differences are considerable, depending on how you set up the components. For example, clients looking for 1024 MB RAM and 10 GB storage capacity will be 44% better off with us from now on. And the difference can even be up to 75% if you add other components, like data traffic and processor power.”
The pricing for data traffic has also been adjusted. As of today, Tilaa is offering an unlimited amount of all incoming network traffic, free of charge.

A comparison of 40 providers
In a price comparison of 40 providers, Tilaa now comes out top in almost all categories. “Of course, there are cheaper providers here and there. But in most cases all they’re offering is a special introductory fee for a short time, after which the higher standard price applies”, continues Van de Ven. “And we’re also one of the best value providers according to the independent comparison site”

Dutch quality
The price reduction will not affect service quality in any way. Tilaa will continue to offer the same high standard of service customers have come to expect. Tilaa specializes in:

  • IP failover (if required) between different physical locations
  • A redundant network at all levels
  • 99.95% availability guarantee
  • Full support of IPv6
  • Hardware virtualization rather than KVM-based data containers
  • Full control via configurator and dashboard, without helpdesk intervention
  • Dutch data centres (not governed by American terrorism legislation)

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About Tilaa
Tilaa, which means ‘space’ in Finnish, is a Dutch hosting provider specialized in Virtual Private Servers and Private Clouds. The wolf symbolizes mastery over space. Which Tilaa sees as a metaphor for the customer – who is the master of his own server space. This is why server hosting needs to be so simple, speedy and transparent that users can manage their virtual IT environment entirely independently. Tilaa’s customers are primarily large, well-known companies.
The provider is situated in Amsterdam, has its own network and only uses Dutch data centres.
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