Top Offshore Hosting Specialist Launches a Green Web Seal Program

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Web Hosting ServicesReykjavik, Iceland – A media representative for, an offshore hosting specialist, today announced the company is offering a ‘green web seal’ to all its customers. utilizes renewable energy to power its servers and the green web seal alerts its web hosting clients’ site visitors the company is participating in a ‘green’ program.

One of the principals at said, “The green web seal provides our customers with a great opportunity to start their own green campaigns directly on their website.”  Green companies throughout the world participate in order to help prevent climate change and to be a good example to others by using renewable energy to power their websites.

Customers of can obtain a green web seal to install on their websites for free.  The company makes it easy by providing the HTML code that’s necessary to render the image on their websites.  The company’s chief executive officer said, “All they have to do is copy and paste a little code and voila! They have a green seal on their website.”

“We signed up on OrangeWebsite to be hosted in Iceland, the land of freedom of expression. Our experience with them has been extremely positive and we also expect it to improve, since OrangeWebsite is growing.” – Cosimo Oliboni, Italy

In addition to providing the code to install a green seal on a website, also provides instructions on best practices.  Clients can learn where to insert the seal on their website for maximum visibility and they can also choose to install an alternative floating element which allows site owners to display the seal at all times, even when a site visitor is scrolling the site. has been performing so well it was recently featured on the is an industry review website which features only the best web hosting providers in the world.  The insertion into the Spotlight page provides each new customer a guarantee which is backed up by FindMyHost.  Mr. Richard Guzzo, VP at said, “Our number one goal is to protect the consumer, so we don’t just feature any web hosting company on our network.  Web hosts must pass a stringent testing system and prove their company and services are fully delivered as promised.”

Small business owners who want to utilize the services of a green web host are encouraged to visit the or the website to read more about the company’s hosting options.  The company offers several hosting packages for both consumers and small business owners.

OrangeWebsite was formed in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2009 by Henri K. Johannes whose primary focus has been to help small businesses transition effectively onto the internet. Our staff consists of a group of skilled programmers and designers who know the trends of online business today. We can promise you always the best prices and quality services.

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