ToggleBox Announces a $100,000 Web Hosting Giveaway

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ToggleBox Announces a $100,000 Web Hosting GiveawayWeb Hosting Services Hatfield, PA ToggleBox, a cloud hosting services provider, today announced the company is giving away a total of $100,000.  The first 355 new clients will each receive $100 credit after paying the first month of service.  Included bandwidth transfer equals 1TB per month for small cloud servers, 2TB per month on medium servers and 10TB per month for larger servers.

One of the principals at ToggleBox said, “It is a new year and we thought we’d create this special to help people start their first websites.”  The company offers pre-made packages which include 256 MB, 32 GB and 8 GB of RAM so everyone has an opportunity to launch a new website which suits their business’s needs.

The company maintains a 28,000 square foot facility located in Dallas, Texas, which features multiple gigabits of connectivity to multiple “Tier 1” backbones which are capable of handling even the most demanding needs. The company’s chief executive officer said, “We have something for everybody.  Whether they want to launch a small or large ecommerce website we can help them get started.”

ToggleBox has been performing so well it was recently included on is an industry review website which features only the best web hosting companies on its Spotlight page.  Customers who purchase services via the Spotlight page will receive a guarantee that will step in to mediate any issues that aren’t resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mr. Richard Guzzo, a vice president at said, “We didn’t have any problems listing ToggleBox on our special Spotlight page.  They have proven over and over again to go above and beyond in helping their customers resolve issues quickly.”

About ToggleBox
ToggleBox is a brand of TekTonic, which has been offering cloud hosting before the market became popular. ToggleBox was brought about by the desire to offer new technologies without introducing radical change to our current customers. For more information about ToggleBox, please visit

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