Vodien Starts Offering IPv6 Web Hosting Plans From 1 Jan 2013

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore, Singapore – One of the fairly recent advancements in networking technology has been that of the inception of IPv6. Until recently, most web hosting companies in the world only provided support for IPv4 which had certain limitations. Nowadays, companies that are looking towards providing their customers with the most updated technology and services have started to move towards IPv6.

That is why Vodien Internet Solutions has also started to offer IPv6 hosting services to its client. However, that does not mean that customers still using legacy software based on IPv4 will be in danger of losing their services. What Vodien has done is to ensure that both types of customers are supported by providing dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4 systems. Moreover, Vodien’s dedicated team of professionals also offers IPv6 to IPv4 tunnelling to help customers achieve backwards compatibility with their legacy systems.

One of the most important features of IPv6 is that of the security that it provides. IPv6 continues to incorporate IPsec which layers every data packet with identification protocols that can be efficient managed by routing devuices, as well as being secure against attacks. Security is of utmost importance to web hosting customers, especially for customers looking to open up e-commerce websites and other similar ventures that deal with data of a sensitive nature.

Most online businesses as well as other enterprises are now shifting towards IPv6 because of the more efficient interface and functionality that it provides. However, as is the case with any new development or technology, it will take a bit of time for everyone to come up to speed. Recognising the importance of IPv6 web hosting, Vodien has taken the leap to embrace IPv6 now. In effect, the decision to switch to IPv6 is testimony to their committed role as industry leaders in Singapore.

To cater to the transition to IPv6, Vodien has also invested in a Juniper MX Series router running in multiple pairs in order to full network redundancy. This also means that a website that is hosted by Vodien’s servers is guaranteed 99.9 percent up-time availability. Vodien has also integrated a multihomed network within their data centers, combining bandwidth from the best upstream Internet Service Providers in Singapore. This allows them to offer a completely redundant network in line with their promise of 99.9 percent server uptime.

By investing in IPv6 now, Vodien has kept up with its promise of delivering the latest and best technology to its customers.

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