What is a Virtual Private Server?

January 8, 2013 by  

If you’re curious about using a virtual private server, you will need to understand the basics of what it is. A virtual private server or VPS for short, is a virtual hardware that is simulated by a host operating system. This allows another operating system to run on it. What this means is that web developers can host many virtual servers at once without taking up space. A VPS can also hold the same software as other private servers, such as a file transfer protocol program, e-commerce, blogging, and a mail service.

A virtual private server is the perfect option for a small business. This is because it is much cheaper than a dedicated server and allows the same uses for a small website. One of the best pros of a VPS is that one single subscriber can uphold multiple virtual servers. One site can be used as the main point of business while another can be a test site, used to build up new designs before putting them to use on the main site.

These handy servers are excellent to use for backup files, storage, and it has root access options. These options allow you to configure programs such as running PHP instead of MySQL. Remember that if you are sharing a virtual private server, the loading times will be slower than a dedicated server, especially if your site uses a lot of graphics.

However, these servers are affordable and extremely useful for a start up business or new personal website. If you’re interested to learn more about VPS and its advantages, contact Atlantic.Net today.

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