CloudZoom Launches Cloud App Distribution Platform

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Web Hosting ServicesManchester, NH – CloudZoom announces the launch of its Cloud App Distribution Platform. The platform serves as a single source of easily deployable, ready-to-run IaaS Cloud Apps. An IaaS Cloud App is a virtual image containing an Operating System with one or more preconfigured applications. The platform supports a robust list of hypervisor types: VMWare, OpenStack, CloudStack, KVM and others. As one founder stated, “CloudZoom improves the way Cloud Providers connect with new and existing customers. The platform delivers product solutions that make a customer’s virtual machine (VM) deployment experience better.” The platform facilities a mutually beneficial arrangement between Public Cloud Providers and Cloud App vendors. To help Cloud Providers and Vendors visualize the potential of its new platform, CloudZoom has also launched a demo site.

Cloud Providers can achieve a competitive advantage from an increased Cloud App selection for their customers, while at the same time decreasing costs and reducing the time required for App inventory management. For Cloud Providers, they no longer have to build and maintain a series of Cloud Apps, or negotiate contracts with individual App Vendors. By signing one contract with CloudZoom, they gain access to an ever increasing collection of high quality, verified Cloud Apps. The concept is that an increased App selection will drive cloud usage, thereby increasing revenue. There is also the potential for additional revenue generated by Cloud App sales.

Vendors can benefit from greater market exposure, in turn, helping them to grow their customer base, and focus on their core business competencies. “Vendor marketing and sales concerns are reduced, freeing them to focus on developing and supporting the best Apps possible. We want Vendors to concentrate on quality. After all, it’s in their best interest and will reduce their support costs.”, as one founder put it. The benefits to Vendors are available with no risk and at zero up-front cost. Today, the process of introducing Apps into the CloudZoom platform requires Vendors work with CloudZoom to download the Cloud Apps. Development is currently underway to provide Vendors with tools, an API, and UI for supporting the management of their Apps.

There are two pricing models available to Cloud Providers: subscription and usage. The subscription pricing model allows Cloud Providers access to a limited, but broad selection of Open Source Apps. One upside of the subscription model is the unlimited VM usage per App. For the usage model, the key is the complete selection of both Commercial and Open Source Apps, and this is based on usage per VM hour. The usage model may be more profitable with the increased selection, but it requires an integration with the CloudZoom platform for handling billing and auditing. Upgrading from the subscription model to the usage model is available. This upgrade feature is a nice option for those interested in testing the CloudZoom platform before investing too much capital.

Cloud Providers that feel they could benefit from a wider selection of Cloud Apps should contact CloudZoom at contact(at)cloudzoom(dot)com or go to

Cloud App Vendors that want to increase sales by having their apps distributed by CloudZoom should contact CloudZoom at contact(at)cloudzoom(dot)com or go to

About CloudZoom
CloudZoom is an IaaS Cloud App Distribution Platform that populates Cloud Provider App Stores with quality apps from a growing Cloud App Vendor network. The CloudZoom platform reduces the cost, time and effort to find, manage and sell IaaS Cloud Apps. CloudZoom is a startup (founded in 2011) based out of New Hampshire (USA).

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