Don’t Forget Security When Using Cloud Hosting

February 21, 2013 by  

Your company stores its most sensitive data in the cloud. But does that mean it’s locked down tight from unauthorized access including cybercrime and hacking?

This very concern is shared by many organizations. While most organizations are more familiar with traditional onsite measures, cloud hosting policies are now just as significant. In fact, research firm, Gartner states that “10 percent of overall IT security enterprise product capabilities will be delivered in the cloud.” The report goes on to state that we should expect an increase in the availability of security measures such as data loss prevention, encryption, and authentication. With many enterprises migrating their data to the cloud, cloud-based security will eventually outnumber on-site equipment security.

With many organizations using Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with the cloud, users can access corporate applications and data outside of the corporate network. This concept puts pressure on IT management to closely monitor user access from devices that are not completely under their own control which can cause all kinds of security headaches.

Additionally, there is a growing trend for corporate employees to use their own applications resulting in a “bring your own application,” or BYOA environment. Since many people tend to use the same sign-ins and passwords for their personal and professional applications, this could also expose enterprises to a higher risk of a security breach.

So what is the answer to overcome these security risks? Governmental agencies, for one, are adapting a multi-level cloud security model. AOL Government reports that while best practices for securing the cloud are still in the works, two measures implemented together can protect against unauthorized access. These are encrypting data and preventing data leakage. Data is passed through a decryption module where the user must enter the proper key. The data leakage prevention system then works by ensuring data does not go outside of the walls of the organization. With these measures in place, it would be difficult for a hacker to access the cloud data.

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