The Lighter Side of Hosting

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While some hosting companies offer hosting solutions that suit powerful, large physical hosting needs, these same companies tend to not cater to the lighter side of excellence in hosting. The reality is, a lot of businesses don’t need the raw strength that many hosting solutions offer. Instead, they need speed, flexibility, and a lighter cost when it comes to their hosting. Requiring better services that change and move that are fast and still reliable; many companies are left in the dark when they search for these kinds of hosting. But there’s a light- to the lighter side of great hosting.

ToggleBox is an excellent example of a company that specializes in cloud servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and content delivery networks (CDN) with their lighter hosting solutions. ToggleBox is owned by TekTonic, which has been delving and offering cloud server programs since before they became popular and mainstream. ToggleBox has become TekTonic’s dedicated cloud, VPS, and CDN provider specializing in fast, light, and easy to use hosting and networking options with true redundancy across the board and top-tier hardware.

ToggleBox’s top-notch sever network of servers distributes their Content Delivery Network over 55 servers across the continental United States, and starts at .49 cents per GB within the US. Their Virtual Private Network of servers starts at $15.00/month and is fully configurable and changeable with flexible contract terms. And starting at $10.00/month, ToggleBox’s cloud services are extremely affordable and begin with great options- such as 512MB of RAM, 1GB of storage, one Intel 2.3Ghz core processor, one IP address (and $1.00/month per extra address after), 1TB of outbound transfer, and unlimited inbound transfer. This service also includes free Linux and Windows OS.

Signing up with ToggleBox is pretty fun actually, and extremely simple. For example, sign up for their CDN, simply choose the area that you want your network to be in (you can choose North America, Europe, etc). You’ll find these options under the CDN menu at the top of the web page. After that, you can choose your billing cycle. Under the North America CDN, you have the one option to add a $20.00 deposit, then pay as you go for CDN data usage. You then enter your credit card and billing/shipping information, agree to the terms of service, and click “checkout”. There’s also a live chat attendant ready to help with you as you order. The process is simple and easy, with minimal hassle. The best part is, you can cancel your contract at any time you wish to stop using the services of ToggleBox’s CDN services.

All of the other features ToggleBox offers are just as easy to set up and use. In conjunction with this ease of set up and the best in quality services, ToggleBox has earned a guarantee from, which only certifies and guarantees the best in web hosting companies and services available today. You can’t go wrong with ToggleBox and their cloud server services, virtual private servers, and their content delivery network services. If you’re looking for excellence in the lighter side of hosting, look no further and give a try today.

ToggleBox is a certified Approved Host who has won multiple Editor’s Choice Awards:

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