TorGuard Expands Features and Security with Deals on its VPN Service

February 19, 2013 by  

Web Hosting ServicesOrlando, FL – TorGuard has launched numerous enhancements to their already affective VPN services, including various improvements to service quality, new features, and another round of discounts, making it a good time to check out one of the fastest-growing VPN/Proxy providers of 2013. New features include a 50-percent network expansion, new dedicated IP and port-forwarding options, a new version of their VPN software, anonymous email encryption security, and for the first time, the option to use their new router store to buy a flashed open-VPN router to secure user’s connection to the router.

A new round of discounts for the month top the list. TorGuard is offering a 20 percent discount on all new plans; customers just need to enter the code “TorrentFreak” at checkout. Next, new bundled packages offer more deals, including 40 percent off yearly plans for customers who purchase a proxy and a VPN service. And to kick off the launch of their router store, all ASUS and Cisco-Linksys DDWRT routers get a 20 percent discount with the code “BuyDDWRT”.

The most important thing for VPN users is usually a speedy, reliable, and secure connection. Nine new gigabit VPN and proxy servers in Canada, the Netherlands and across the United States enable TorGuard to continue to deliver “blazing fast, unlimited” VPN and proxy services to an ever-expanding customer base. And they have offered an open call to customers asking for server locations they should target for future expansion.

TorGuard’s new VPN software version 4.0 has bug fixes, built-in DNS leak proofing features, and full compatibility with Windows8 and Linux as well as Windows and Mac OSx. It also includes dedicated IP and port forwarding, at customers’ request. The option to add a dedicated IP in any country lets advanced VPN users personalize their privacy for as little as $6 /month.

Finally, for customers who demand end-to-end security on even their emails, TorGuard has added web-based, OpenPGP encrypted email solutions. This feature allows users to add an additional level of encryption on every email before it leaves the email server, whether users are on mobile devices, using POP3 clients, or web-based email from their home machine.

This looks to be one of the best months for anyone interested in getting a deal on effective privacy protection from one of the fastest-growing proxy and VPN providers. Visit for more information on these promotions and new features

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