Vodien Announces Domain Name Registration Promotions for Chinese New Year

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore, Singapore – Vodien Internet Solutions is famously known as one of the best web hosting service providers in all of Asia. Over the ten years of its existence, Vodien has been providing clients from Malaysia, Indonesia and other places like the Netherlands and United States, with premium web hosting services.

Just recently, Vodien announced that they will be offering new promotions in response to the Chinese New Year. One of their best offers is related to the registration of a domain name at a price which is much lower than what anyone would normally get from other web hosting companies.

The fact that sets Vodien apart from other similar companies within the industry, is that of their focus towards the provision of excellent customer service. Vodien’s web hosting professionals are available 24 x 7 x 365 to help out with any web hosting issues, from minor installation issues, to much more technical issues like server connectivity. Recently, Vodien was named as the number 1 company in terms of customer service. Gallop conducted a poll consisting of a large number of online users from both Singapore and other places around the world, which resulted in the numbers showing that Vodien was consistently being ranked as the top professional web hosting company in terms of customer service.

Vodien also provides a number of other value-added features with its web hosting packages that are useful to various clients in a number of different ways. Compared to other companies, Vodien provides features such as Super Email and Super Site Monitoring. The Super Email feature allows businesses to provide all of its employees with their own private email addresses. Businesses can also delegate specific email addresses to entire departments. The email addresses can be setup in a way that one inbox will forward certain types of emails to other specific inboxes. Says Betsy Lim of the popular blog shop directory, “Our email service from Vodien can be accessed by all of the email clients that we use.”

The Super Site Monitoring feature is designed to continuously monitor servers as well as the website itself to identify any problems that may occur. Vodien utilizes per-minute monitoring tools that allow its technical staff to monitor both the state of servers and websites. If a problem crops up, the staff can react quickly and thus reduce downtime that may occur. This feature allows Vodien to solve a problem even before the client or users of the website are given any indication that something has gone wrong.

Besides concentrating on providing its customers with the sort of products and quality of service that they deserve, Vodien has also been providing their clientele with professional advice regarding the most efficient and cost-effective way that they can run a web application.

This focus and dedication allows Vodien’s customers to sleep easy at night, with the peace of mind knowing that their website and business are in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing.

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