WHOIS Domain Checks: SiteTrail Exceeds 25,000 Searches Per Day

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Web Hosting ServicesNew York –, the web analysis and social media platform, has reached 25,000 WHOIS domain queries per day from users who make use of this service. This incline in usage is due to its new aggregated platform where various data streams are displayed, making it more user friendly than any other tool. Many users also return as brands are monitored for performance in regular intervals.

Currently, there is the need for users to switch between various conventional web based tools in order to track both the WHOIS registrar data and social media popularity of domains. Now users can access all the required data including header analysis, contact information of both the owner and the ISP hosting provider all in one place. To see a sample analysis page for the site “Facebook” users can visit

Once users are inside the analysis section, they can also visit the “News” Tab, which aggregates all relevant news pertaining to a brand. When user has entered the Facebook analysis page, the news tab will take them to a special section called . This means that internet marketers can also join SiteTrail to release articles about their own branded websites and watch how users access the aggregated news page.

Besides the use of Google and Bing analytics, social media graphs is also of importance to measure brands popularity and has become a new trend amongst web enthusiasts. The news and analysis section for social media and web data is used by webmasters, law enforcement, researchers and SEM/SEO professionals who need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

The Editor of SiteTrail has this to say to users: “The tools users can access via SiteTrail is useful not only because of all the information it provides about a brand or service, but most notably due to it’s ease of use and the ability to aggregate all data onto a single web analysis page.”

This will no doubt show users the most information they can access about any particular domain.

This section will instantly display the IP and location of a device.

Users can connect with SiteTrail via Twitter or the main website and upload relevant commentary about their brands, which can help maintain brand awareness. Visit today and start a unique web analysis experience.

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