AHosting Comments On The Upcoming Announcement Of New Generic Top Level Domains

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Web Hosting ServicesHudson, FL – AHosting, a provider of web hosting and dedicated server hosting, has commented on the upcoming creation of new generic top level domains (gTLD). AHosting would like its clients and others to be aware of any potential impact on their business that the newly created domain name extensions may have.

Historically, there have been a limited number of top level domains, as determined by the governing body of the domain name system, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). TLDs such as “.com” and “.net” are familiar to all Internet users. A process is currently in progress to substantially expand the number of TLDs available for use. ICANN has accepted applications from a number of interested parties for the registration and control of gTLDs such as “.book”, and “.app”.

Applicants are generally large corporate entities since the price of application is so high as to be prohibitive to smaller companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Each application for a new gTLD costs $185,000 with an annual fee of $25,000.

“This is a substantial change to the Internet as we know it”, commented Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at AHosting, Inc., “We want to make sure our clients know what’s happening and are aware of any potential conflict that may arise between their interests and those of the businesses that have made gTLD applications.”

While the new gTLDs are recognized as an opportunity to expand the scope of the DNS by some, there is significant opposition from others, particularly in reference to the excessive cost that excludes most small and medium businesses from contention. Esther Dyson, founding chairperson of ICANN has commented that the expansion will create “jobs [for lawyers, marketers and others] but little extra value.”

AHosting would also like to warn its clients to be wary of any supposed domain name registrar who offers registration of guaranteed second level domain names based on one of the new gTLDs. The application and objection resolution process is still ongoing and no final decisions have been made as to which applicants will ultimately be successful.

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