Cloud VDS Hosting Packages from GlowHost Offer Features Not Available on a Traditional VPS

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Web Hosting ServicesStuart, Florida – GlowHost, a virtual dedicated servers provider today announced the company is now offering cloud VDS hosting packages which offer features that aren’t available on a traditional virtual private server.  The company provides pre-configured cloud hosting for small to medium sized businesses with easy to understand billing terms and no hidden fees.
The GlowHost network is powered by two geo-separated electrical grids to ensure 100% uptime and data replication to protect each client’s data.  The new Cloud VDS hosting packages begin at only $75 a month for the Cloud VDS Lite package.  The Cloud VDS Medium and Cloud VDS Heavy packages are $125 and $175 respectively with no activation fees.

“I have been a client of Glowhost since ****. They have helped me every step along the way as my businesses have grown. They don’t just provide me with a server…they provide me with the MOST excellent technical customer service I could ever imagine. If I can break it on my server (and I have-many, many times!), Glowhost can fix it!” – Rebecca – PA, United States

The Internet has been the great equalizer for small businesses that compete directly with large corporations simply because everyone is equal online.  However, until recently, big business maintained an advantage with budget heavy marketing departments and a dedicated IT department that could be flexible and ready to change directions at a moment’s notice.

The Cloud VDS hosting packages from GlowHost are taking small business owners once again from the back of the pack to the front of the race.  With little or no equipment to invest in and no physical servers to monitor, small business owners now have an advantage over large corporations who are often unable to adapt quick enough to changing technology.

The chief executive officer at GlowHost said, “Our VDS packages are perfect for small business owners who are launching a new website and don’t want to invest any money on infrastructure or hire employees to run an IT department.”  The best part is each VDS package can be scaled up or down as a business’s needs change.  About
Founded in 2002, GlowHost is an award-winning host that aims to provide highly reliable web hosting services at a highly competitive price, and has grown to become one of the world’s foremost web hosts for individuals and businesses alike. GlowHost currently supplies tens of thousands of customers worldwide with shared web hosting, cloud virtual dedicated server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting solutions, all available on a network designed for stability and the security of mission-critical data. GlowHost also offers a popular reseller web hosting solution. Across each of these distinct service types, GlowHost is committed to customer satisfaction, offering three Iron-Clad guarantees – a 60-day money back promise, 100% network uptime agreement, and up to 99.999% uptime hosting depending on your chosen solution. For more information about GlowHost, please visit

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