Intranet Based Cloud Ideal for SEO Companies

March 14, 2013 by  

When an ongoing workflow between a virtually placed workforce and customers is imperative, an intranet-based cloud is ideal for SEO companies. Since SEO companies are implementing workforces worldwide these days this is an excellent and very reliable way to keep the work flowing 24/7. In this article we point out several advantages to building an intranet for a SEO firm through the cloud.

  • Project Management: Setting up a dependable portal for team members is one way to use the cloud based intranet. This keeps the projects running without any downtime and accessible from anywhere around the world.
  • Sales Training: This could be very helpful for a sales force by providing them a portal for tools and resources to keep new business flowing easily. This could also be a great way to help the lead be worked from beginning to end too for conversions.
  • Customer Portal: Providing the customers with a portal that has SEO reports of how things are progressing is a major saver. The cloud is beneficial because the portal is available all the time and this keeps the customer using an online tool instead of taking valuable time away from sales and project managers.
  • Employee Portal: This where human resources, management, sales and so on can conduct business as if in a brick and mortar setting.

It may be hard to sell some SEO companies on moving to the cloud because they may like the control of their own servers on the premise or within an easily accessible location. However, with the risk of down-time, maintenance and other assorted expenses, the cloud may sell them on the idea of changing over because of its dependability. If you want to see how cloud based servers can meet your SEO firms needs reach out to our friends over at Atlantic.Net.  Atlantic.Net is an Approved Host who we trust and recommend.

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