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Web Hosting ServicesSt. Paul, Minnesota –, a virtual dedicated server hosting provider today announced the release of low cost fully dedicated Windows and Linux VDS hosting plans which start at only $99 per month.  VDS is an acronym for ‘virtual dedicated server.’  A VDS performs and functions just like a stand-alone dedicated server, but costs a lot less which is a plus for new start-ups and businesses launching a website for the first time.

Each of the company’s virtual dedicated server hosting plans start with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 100 gigabytes data storage which is more than enough resources for even the busiest ecommerce websites. provides enterprise-class Dell hardware running a single VPS instance.  There is no resource sharing and webmasters enjoy full usage of Disk IO, RAM and CPU.

The company’s chief executive officer said, “Running a single VPS instance on dedicated hardware allows users to enjoy cloud-based features such as instant upgrades and scalability, high availability, and advanced management features”. deploys Windows 2003 virtual servers that are powered by Virtuozzo which is an industry leader in server virtualization technology.

“I have been using KickAssVPS for more than three years and I have found their products to be rock solid and innovative.  And their customer service staff is very professional which makes a big difference for us because our emails are answered quickly and politely and we’re able to resolve issues quickly.” – Raymond Gonzalez

The company is able to offer low prices because it creates multiple isolated virtual private servers on a single physical server.  The beauty of this system is that each VPS is able to host its own file system with its own users and its own memory and security features.  Another major benefit is a virtual environment can be rebooted independently and it can have a single IP address, a dedicated system library and its own configuration files.

This level of control allows webmasters to instantly install business apps and software via a remote desktop and they can provide administrative access to anyone in the company.  Key virtualization features include isolation between each virtual environment and each customer to minimize downtime and eliminate service issues and conflicts between customers, and a web-based interface which allows customers to manage, backup, restore, repair or reinstall a virtual environment without technical support.About
A division of Point North Networks, Inc. is one of the largest providers of Virtual Private Servers in the Midwest. is Certified Microsoft Hosting Partner and Parallels Gold Partner, with a fully Microsoft Certified customer support team. The goal of is to provide high-quality, reliable networking services and top-notch customer service to all customers at a reasonable cost.  For more information about visit

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