Top Now Offering US or UK Windows VPS Hosting Starting at $29 a Month

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Web Hosting ServicesSt. Paul, Minnesota –, a Windows VPS hosting provider today announced the company is now offering United States or United Kingdom VPS hosting plans powered by Virtuozzo starting at only $29 a month.  Virtuozzo provides cutting-edge technology to ensure each customer’s website remains independent and isolated from others, yet it provides incredible flexibility and efficiency.

Both the US and UK Windows VPS hosting options come with Virtuozzo which is a great option for webmasters and system administrators that are currently hosting multiple web sites and domains on a single server.  It provides amazing reliability and has a strong reputation for being secure.  In addition, Virtuozzo offers a number of advantages over one server that’s running multiple operating systems.

“Our goal at is to deliver optimum network services to our clients at affordable prices. Our partner relationships allow us to provide quality services and timely support to our customers at a reasonable cost.”

A representative for KickAssVPS said, “Virtuozzo is definitely worth a second look for any system administrator that’s looking to run his or her server more efficiently.” offers instantly scalable resources which allow small to medium sized businesses to start small and easily add disk space, RAM or CPU as the business grows.

A Virtuozzo VPS performs just like a stand-alone dedicated server, but at a significantly lower price point.  The beauty of the technology is that it allows users to create multiple isolated virtual private servers on a single physical machine.  Each VPS comes with its own memory, central processing unit, file system and administrative access.  Webmasters and administrators can easily install applications and set custom security options.

In addition, full administrative access is obtained through remote desktop so a website can literally be managed from anywhere in the world.  In fact, the web based interface allows users to backup, restore, manage, recover, repair and reinstall a server without any technical support or outside assistance.

A division of Point North Networks, Inc. is one of the largest providers of Virtual Private Servers in the Midwest. is Certified Microsoft Hosting Partner and Parallels Gold Partner, with a fully Microsoft Certified customer support team. The goal of is to provide high-quality, reliable networking services and top-notch customer service to all customers at a reasonable cost.  For more information about visit

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