Sabai Technology Adds Seventh Official VPN Provider

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Web Hosting ServicesSimpsonville, SC – Sabai Technology continues to bring their unique brand of revolutionary VPN enabled routers to an increasing number of VPN providers and customers. The company recently added lucky number seven – SurfBouncer Personal VPN Service – to their list of official affiliate providers. This announcement marks the second addition to the company’s list of official VPN providers in a single month.

Since the release of Sabai OSv5, the company has added several providers to this list as well as a growing amount of companies which are known to be compatible but have no relationship with the company. “This list of compatible companies allows us to better help the customers that find us on their own. These VPN users around the world just want a great VPN routing experience so they can connect their smart TV or media player,” says William Haynes, President of Sabai Technology.

Sabai Technology focuses on taking networking projects that are too complex for the average user and making them work in a way that is simple and intuitive. “You shouldn’t have to be a router hobbyist to have a VPN router, no matter which provider you use,” says Haynes.

SurfBouncer, the companies latest affiliate VPN provider, offers a wide variety of products aimed at security and privacy, along with the website unblocking that many VPN consumers are after.

“Many customers have asked for a way to place multiple computers on the VPN at the same time in order to cover their entire home or small business, secure their data and unblock websites,” claims the SurfBouncer website. “Others have expressed great interest in being able to plug their stand alone IP phones, Skype phones, Vonage phones, VOIP ATA, Xbox, PS3, AppleTV or Roku directly into the VPN network.”

Connecting VPN to devices that do not have a client, or do not natively support the protocols, requires a VPN appliance, like the Sabai VPN Router. The company offers seven models, from a range of router manufacturers, all refurbished with Sabai OS prior to shipping. “These VPN Routers are about as close to plug-and-play as a product this complicated can get,” says Haynes.

For more information about SurfBouncer or Sabai Technology, visit the Sabai Technology website and blog.

About Sabai Technology:
Sabai Technology is a VPN networking solution for the every-man, offering easy to use VPN Routers that work with some of the largest VPN service providers in the world. Customers use Sabai’s products to extend their PPTP or OpenVPN account to multiple devices and utilize VPN services on products that aren’t otherwise accessible. For more information, visit

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