The Cloud Creates New Opportunities for Small Business Start-Ups

April 19, 2013 by  

If your small business presence on the web is just starting out, you’ve jumped into the game at precisely the right time.  Cloud e-commerce services and software have exploded. The cloud has created new opportunities for small business start-ups in a truly unprecedented way.

These are just some of the accomplishments of the cloud:

  • The cloud has leveled the playing field in the competition for online customers. As a small entrepreneur, you have the same access to the resources that larger enterprises heretofore supported in-house with large capital resources and staff.

  • The cloud bypasses upfront investments in equipment and software development costs. Cloud services are typically subscription supported, and if the service doesn’t pan out, you opt out and seek something else.

  • Related to the upfront cost savings, the cloud has been an enormously fertile environment for enterprise SaaS (software as a service). That means that you can shop around for cloud-hosted software tailored to your needs.

  • With the cloud, when you subscribe to SaaS, you basically “turn the key” and begin using it. You bypass development, deployment, support and the typical learning curve that accompanies buying licenses for your enterprise applications.

How That All Translates Into Opportunities

The cloud gives you a web presence on equal footing with the big guys. You jump start your enterprise and:

  • You are immediately “scalable”; that is, you grow your services or reach out for more customers without overloading your IT support.

  • You can go “across channels” to promote and link your business to social and professional networks. For example, the cloud allows you to cross connect your web site with Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

  • That cross connection between your ecommerce site and social networking provides an astonishingly versatile customer and colleague outreach for robust business promotion.

The Cloud and Disaster Recovery

The cloud is an “insurance policy” for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Anyone who has ever used computer hardware and operating/application software knows that mishaps (crashes, acts of God and other disasters) are inevitable. When disaster strikes and you lose irreplaceable proprietary data, you need to recover right away before your opportunities erode to a going-out-of-business sale. Cloud backup services make that recovery possible

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