UptimeSpy Announces the Release of a Limited Time Offer of 5 Free Website Monitoring Paid Plans

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UptimeSpy Announces the Release of a Limited Time Offer of 5 Free Website Monitoring Paid PlansWeb Hosting ServicesOklahoma City, Oklahoma – UptimeSpy, a website monitoring services provider, today announced the company is now offering for a limited time 5 free paid website monitoring plans.  Customers that signup up for a free account will automatically be upgraded to a paid plan at no cost.

The company’s premium plan costs $10 a month and includes 100 SMS alerts and unlimited email alerts.  The limited time premium website monitoring offer is available only to the first 5 customers that sign up for a free plan.  Most plans are activated within five minutes or less after the customer passes the company’s fraud verification system.  Each monitoring plan includes the following features:

  • World Geographic Monitoring Nodes

  • Uptime Reports

  • Response Time Reports

  • Email and SMS Alerts

  • Multiple Check Locations

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Geographical Route Alerts

  • Monitor Custom Resources

A representative for UptimeSpy said, “With Google now ranking sites by response time, it is important to make sure your website is responding quickly at all times.”  Last year Google made numerous changes to its algorithm.  One of those changes incorporates a website’s page-load time into its rankings so that only the fastest sites are displayed on the search engine results pages.

With Google’s recent algorithm changes, it is now possible for ecommerce websites to increase their ranking simply by increasing their page-load times.  UptimeSpy’s monitoring service will instantly alert a site owner about any load time issues so they can make adjustments quickly to maintain their rankings.

With an increased number of consumers throughout the world turning to the Internet to purchase products or to get information about a company, it is important businesses make sure their site is always online.  UptimeSpy’s rep said, “A website that provides information in a timely manner is very crucial for today’s businesses to survive and succeed.  Accessibility, reliability and credibility of the website can make or break your business.”

Launched in 2008, UptimeSpy provides the industry’s first free, comprehensive worldwide geographic monitoring service, enabling webmasters to see real-time uptime and performance results from nodes located around the world. With no usage limits and an intuitive user interface, UptimeSpy provides a vital service to webmasters and web hosting providers. For more information about UptimeSpy, please visit

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