CintrixHost Shifts Business Web Hosting Solutions To PCI Compliance

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, TX – Business hosting provider, CintrixHost announced that it has expanded it’s business web hosting solutions to be fully PCI Compliant after a survey conducted through business owners stating one of the biggest concerns they had was ensuring their site was compliant with all industry regulations and cardholder data was secure across their website and back-end networks.

“We talked to business owners extensively and almost every business owner stated that one of the largest costs involved with getting their website online was PCI Compliance and website design with implementation of security practices.” said Justin Eggar, CEO of CintrixHost. “We wanted to let business owners know that we listened to their concerns that their current web host wasn’t PCI Compliant, and the minority of web hosts that did offer solutions that were compliant were priced at a point that made it impossible to be compliant on a small business budget. We also wanted to let business owners we have included a 256-bit SSL Certificate with every business web hosting packages, as well as a Point. Click. Publish. website builder all at no additional cost to ensure business owners can get their website online quickly, securely and with no coding knowledge needed.” he added.

The PCI Security Standards Council, founded by the global payment brands – American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa Inc., requires that businesses and websites, regardless of size, comply with strict security standards that ensures a secure network environment and protect cardholder data.

Small business owners are prime targets for data thieves and it is ultimately the business owners responsibility to ensure their website (and underlying network) is compliant. If any cardholder data is stolen, they could be held liable and incur fines, penalties and even the possibility of losing the ability to accept credit cards as a payment.

“PCI Compliance isn’t something that all web hosts offer due to the resources involved in it’s implementation and through it’s continued implementation so we definitely understand that, but simply charging outrageous prices in order to allow a small business owner, who doesn’t necessarily have the kind of money, the web hosts that do offer PCI Compliant solutions charge, on ensuring their website is compliant is something we couldn’t tolerate either. Everyone was once a small business and we believe in giving every small business owner the ability to achieve the dream of being an entrepreneur. We decided something needed to be done and we had to take the side of the business owner on this one.”, said Christopher Gilroy, CTO of CintrixHost.

CintrixHost’s newly expanded line of PCI Compliant Business Hosting has solidified it’s footing in the web hosting industry and has all but guaranteed continued success for not only the company, but the companies that entrust their websites with CintrixHost as well.

Features & Benefits of CintrixHost’s Business Web Hosting

  • Full PCI Compliant Web Hosting, at no additional cost to business owners.
  • No long-term contracts business hosting, starting at $9.99/month.
  • Free 256-bit SSL Certificate ($49.95 value)
  • Free Domain Name Registration/Transfer ($11.99 value)
  • Point. Click. Publish. Website Builder – no coding experience required.
  • High reliability and extreme availability web hosting solution leveraging the benefits that only the Softlayer network can provide.

About CintrixHost
CintrixHost, Inc is a privately held, debt-free web service provider based in the USA that provides functionality to businesses in the form of quality hosting solution and a high value offering that allows business owners to focus on their core strengths, while CintrixHost focuses on theirs. CintrixHost was started after spending years in the field managing servers as well as web sites for various companies, small and large. The driving force behind the company is simple: To provide the definitive web hosting solution on the market and to set a precedence for others to follow.

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