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Web Hosting ServicesEllicott City, MD – Port25 Solutions, Inc., a valued technology partner to over 70% of leading Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation companies announced today that INIinbox, an Email Service Provider (ESP) based in the Netherlands, chose PowerMTA™ from Port25 Solutions, Inc. to control its email infrastructure. INinbox cited an increasingly competitive ESP marketplace coupled with the need for increased transparency in sender reputation as a deciding factor in the choice, also noting that PowerMTA provides INInbox with more flexibility than outsourcing its email sends through a 3rd party. Among other specific reasons, INinbox chose PowerMTA™ as a cost-effective solution amid signs of a deflationary trend in the email sending space. Port25 Solutions, Inc. is a valued technology partner to over 130 Email Service Providers and marketing automation companies worldwide.

INinbox began as a front-end email application for small business owners. Although in its infancy, INinbox employs essentially the same business model as behemoths like MailChimp and ConstantContact. Their initial mission was to build a stable and robust application for their end users, one that offered a suite of email marketing tools, such as advanced list management components, simplified newsletter creation, email automation, real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics, which are standard features among most ESPs.

Before choosing PowerMTA™, INinbox was using a 3rd party application to manage their actual sending through their email servers. They quickly found that in a competitive market, building their email infrastructure in-house gave them more flexibility than outsourcing it, especially when it came to determining price.

Tim Bekker, CEO of INinbox, said, “We needed more control over our own sender reputation and those of our clients. Additionally, we wanted more flexibility in our pricing as well.” This triggered follow up questions as well, such as:

  • How do we manage different email streams?
  • How do we manage Feedback Loops?
  • How do we handle bounce categorization?
  • How do we send large volumes of mail at a low cost and how do we manage each individual client’s sender reputation?

INInbox spent time researching different products and services regarding email infrastructure. They found that Port25 Solutions offered PowerMTA™, which allowed for granular sending control, simplified set-up, and revolutionary VirtualMTA™ technology to easily manage individual sending streams. For flexibility and granular sending control, PowerMTA™ groups messages for a particular domain within a particular VirtualMTA in its very own queue. This introduces inherent transparency into monitoring sender reputation in real-time, and provides bounce categorization of defined SMTP responses. Tim Bekker added, “So this was basically a no brainer for us.”

Integrating PowerMTA™ with a front-end app is a simple process. In INinbox’s case, however, some questions arose relating to configuration and processes, because PowerMTA™ has established several different use cases for outbound sending. A few of these questions:

  • Is there an optimal way to configure PowerMTA™ between processes and resources?
  • Which setup do you choose for your outgoing mail streams?
  • Which process do you choose for bounces and FBLs?
  • Once you choose a process, how often are you going to run it?

In the end, INinbox chose a setup with multiple pools for the different types of emails generated from their system:

  • Broadcast Emails
  • Automated-Emails
  • Test Emails

For example, bounce and FBL processes would run every 5 minutes for all three types, updating the metrics in the reports for end users. Bounces are being categorized and logged for three types of emails, whereas other email providers can accommodate only two.

Currently, INinbox is scaling towards 500K emails per hour. Given that ESPs are the most demanding senders in the world, PowerMTA™ has been recognized globally and works with over 130 ESP worldwide, including ExactTarget, Responsys, Silverpop and Experian CheetahMail, among many others. In testament to PowerMTA™ and its ability to scale, it is used by 70% of leading ESPs worldwide.

Here is one additional insight from Tim Bekker, CEO of INinbox: “I feel PowerMTA™ is an excellent application, which is capable to support the email delivery and infrastructure of any size company, but especially enables start-ups, that run on limited resources, to play big and to make a stand against some of the enterprise based companies.”

Port25 Solutions Inc. provides specialized email infrastructure software products that address the demands of client communications and email marketing applications. PowerMTA™, Port25’s flagship product, has a global footprint that is well recognized in over 50 countries, with over 4000 installations. It provides senders with superior performance and advanced features to proactively manage their sender reputations. PowerMTA is chosen 2-1 by delivery administrators and is a valued technology partner at over 130 Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation Vendors worldwide. Find out why enterprise clients such as NYT, IBM, Forbes, Turner, Yammer and Live Nation along with hundreds of others choose PowerMTA for their digital messaging infrastructure. Port25 is a member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) and M3AAWG. Founded in 1999, Port25’s mission is to help realize the potential of email as a platform for legitimate and effective customer communications. Visit Port25 for a fully featured product evaluation today.

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