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Web Hosting ServicesDenver, CO – Bit Refinery, a provider of cloud infrastructure as a service, today announced the company now offers Hadoop® Hosting™, a new dedicated service which provides companies with the ability to store massive amounts of data through a very low cost solution. In addition to data storage, organizations have the ability to analyze the data without the need to purchase expensive, massively parallel computing (MPC) appliances. The new solution delivers a complete set of features such as fully dedicated servers, private high-speed network and full console control.

Apache Hadoop (commonly referred to as Hadoop) is a software library framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models.1 In this distributed environment, many nodes are added for faster results with safer data because each file is broken up into “blocks” and replicated among the various nodes.

“Hadoop Hosting allows customers to forgo the large, up-front capital needed to get started with this new technology,” said Brandon Hieb, managing partner, Bit Refinery. “Customers can store and analyze huge amounts of data with in-depth querying capabilities at an extremely low cost. In addition, because of the architecture of Hadoop, our customers’ data is replicated to other “nodes” so their data is safe. This service provides a great way for companies to ‘jump into’ Hadoop.”

The new service from Bit Refinery is a good fit for companies with the following needs:
Companies and government agencies wanting to try out Hadoop technology without having to purchase their own equipment
Enterprise software sales organizations for use with customer proof of concepts and internal development/R&D
Small-to-enterprise-sized businesses with large amounts of data that want to launch their own data analytics projects

The benefits of Hadoop Hosting include:

Businesses, researchers and data analysts can process and analyze vast amounts of data. The hosted service reduces IT CAPEX with no hardware to purchase
Combine Hadoop Hosting with Bit Refinery’s Enterprise VMware environment for true high availability
Organizations may install any variation of Hadoop

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About Bit Refinery
Bit Refinery is a VMware® Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Denver, Colorado. Bit Refinery offers secure, scalable infrastructure with near real-time replication, affordable DR/BC service and operational efficiencies that enable companies to focus on their core business. Featuring VMware virtualization technology hosted within its fully redundant infrastructure, businesses of all sizes benefit from outsourcing infrastructure to the Bit Refinery Cloud while maintaining complete control of their mission critical environment.

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