CloudMunch Launches First Open DevOps Management Platform for OpenStack

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Web Hosting ServicesBellevue, WA – CloudMunch, the DevOps management platform provider, announced today from OSCON that it is releasing the world’s first Open DevOps platform for OpenStack. The CloudMunch Open DevOps solution makes it possible for software developers to deploy applications rapidly onto OpenStack cloud infrastructure. CloudMunch enables developers and IT operations to use virtually any preferred tool chain for development and continuous integration with continuous deployment to OpenStack. A free trial is available today by signing up on the CloudMunch website.

“With the addition of OpenStack to our DevOps management platform, we’re making the vision of Open DevOps a reality,” said Pradeep Prabhu, CEO CloudMunch . “At CloudMunch, we know it’s about choice so we focus on giving development and operations the freedom to choose whichever tools that make sense for their functions while uniting them into a powerful DevOps management platform to facilitate cross-team delivery.”

The CloudMunch platform provides a plug-n-play framework that integrates with industry leading open source tools and provides deep integration with such popular tools as Jenkins, Chef, Selenium and others. Adding the openness, flexibility and economic advantages of OpenStack – built using community OpenStack code – further enables CloudMunch to enable Open DevOps and its potential to confer major productivity gains on IT organizations.

“As OpenStack becomes more broadly deployed across private and public clouds, a vibrant ecosystem of companies with complimentary solutions is maturing,” said Heidi Bretz, Director of Business Development for the OpenStack Foundation. “We welcome technology platforms like CloudMunch that make it even easier for users to do Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery of their applications to OpenStack clouds.”

CloudMunch makes Open DevOps a reality, enabling customers to orchestrate and manage the entire DevOps process with any tool, moving application code and infrastructure code from source code repositories to testing and to production environments in any cloud:

Project Level Self-Service Provisioning lets project teams control the usage and management of infrastructure at the project level rather than having operations do this at organizational level.
DevOps App Builder makes possible rapid creation and deployment of new apps, integrations, tests or deployments. Apps are discoverable, context specific, and ready for self-service usage.
Customizable Software Delivery Progression Workflow ensures that application and infrastructure software builds go through all checks and balances in a transparent way from development, test to release.
Integrated Open Dashboard gives code progression project visibility and alerts to project managers, testers, operations, and developers.
Cloud Scale DevOps Engine enables deployment and continuous integration with enterprise class scalability and performance, enabling master-master and master-slave clusters.

Supporting OpenStack for continuous delivery is the initial phase of CloudMunch’s Open Stack support. The company expects to enable users to test and deploy OpenStack clouds in their next release. To download the free trial of CloudMunch for Open DevOps, visit

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About CloudMunch
CloudMunch is democratizing DevOps by providing a powerful and open DevOps Management Platform. Its full stack platform makes continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure fast and easy, letting development teams large and small focus on application code versus managing development and test environments, continuous integration servers, deployment, or ongoing operations. Focus on Code. CloudMunch the rest.

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