ProXPN Upgrades Texas Dallas Data Center

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Web Hosting Services – Double the bandwidth, double the productivity; customers of Dallas data center can now enjoy twice the speeds and server capabilities of what they were receiving months ago courtesy of proXPN. With the consistency in server upgrades that proXPN has been serving Dallas data center; they are currently at their peak having upgraded each server to 450 Mbit.

“Our Dallas data center is an interesting case,” says Mr. Jon Ingle, a senior technician at proXPN. “It provides virtually all users with excellent VPN connections, particularly those who want an American IP address. However, because it’s so fast it also tends to carry one of the highest usage loads. It’s important for us to maintain the speed our users expect.”

This consolidated upgrade of 450 Mbit across both servers measures to a total of 900 Mbit, a 50% upgrade from January where they were supporting servers of 225 Mbit individually; which adds up to a 100% enhancement from December 2012, a recognisable advancement from last year.

Translated in terms of customer benefits, this denotes a significant increase in file transfer speeds and greater reduction in waiting time. As a result it facilitates for multiple applications to access the network at the same time accommodating voice, video and data applications simultaneously, which translates to a rise in productivity across board.

About Dallas Data Center
Located in Dallas Texas, this Data Center manages hosting, virtualization, disaster recovery and cloud computing for the communities at large. Their core areas of expertise are network management and consulting; server virtualization, management and support; storage design and management, web hosting; firewall and security management and consulting; and business continuity planning and disaster recovery preparation. They provide an end-to-end service from server installation to onsite round the clock response, quoting that their plans are both accommodating and affordable guaranteeing industry-leading security, reliability and flexibility.

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