AHosting Announces New $4 FFmpeg Hosting Plans

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Web Hosting ServicesHudson, FL – AHosting, a leading provider of premium web hosting, has announced the introduction of low-cost optimized FFmpeg hosting. The new plans represent a comprehensive solution for the deployment of advanced video sharing and streaming sites and include 35GB of storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and the cPanel control panel.

Video is fast surpassing the written word as the primary medium of communication on the web. The almost ubiquitous presence of low-cost video cameras has lead to an enormous increase in the creation of video by ordinary people and an accompanying rise in the need for sites tailored specifically for the sharing of video and audio content. Everyone is aware of the success of YouTube and Vimeo, but those platforms fail to address the video sharing needs of niche communities.

AHosting’s new FFmpeg hosting plans provide an inexpensive platform for the creation of high-quality video sharing and streaming sites with all the community-building and social media features that users of YouTube have come to expect. AHosting is able to provide the best in video hosting by combining its high-performance optimized server platform with the feature-rich FFmpeg video conversion and streaming software, a wide variety of video sharing scripts, and an expertise that is result of over a decade of experience in the web hosting industry.

FFmpeg, which forms the foundation upon which AHosting’s video sharing plans are built, is a very powerful and popular suite of open source tools for video conversion and streaming. FFmpeg supports all of the formats that are most commonly used for video on the web, including Flash, HTML5, H.264, OGG, and MPEG–4.

To provide for the easiest possible deployment of video sharing sites, AHosting’s video plans include one-click installation of a large selection of advanced video sharing scripts. Among the video sharing scripts available for immediate installation are ViMP, PHPmotion, ClipBucket, CumulusClips, and ClipShare. Each of these scripts provides a powerful content management system designed specifically for video management, robust user management features, and fast and reliable video conversion and streaming.

“When we were thinking about extending our hosting plans to provide specialist hosting, it was obvious to us that the market for video sharing sites was in need of disruption and innovation,” commented Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at AHosting, Inc. “To raise the bar in the video hosting industry, we’re using our optimized infrastructure to provide unbeatable value and convenience to clients who want to take advantage of the growth in the popularity of video sharing.”

FFmpeg hosting clients will also be able to take advantage of AHosting’s well-earned reputation for excellent round-the-clock support and dedication to providing an unbeatable user experience.

About Ahosting:
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