Newsmax Expands Colocation Footprint at Phase IV Data Center in Boca Raton to Handle Growth

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Web Hosting ServicesBoca Raton, FL – Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Newsmax Media ( specializes in political and financial content. They have evolved from traditional print media and most recently to live broadcasting whilst having built one of the most respected and influential online news portals with subscribers all over the world.

Speaking on Newsmax’s growth and future strategy, John Telan, Senior Infrastructure Architect stated, “We have moved into the Internet TV space and the traffic is really increasing dramatically. Recent consumer trends in media consumption clearly show for the first time ever, more people watch content through devices and browsers than they do through broadcast television. The end goal is to become a complete broadcaster. Internet TV is very demanding on resources and it is critical to keep our systems operating smoothly.”

To handle this growth and strategy Newsmax was faced with a common scenario; it was time for a major refresh of their infrastructure. To handle this growth, Newsmax more than tripled their colocation footprint with they transitioned from 3 cabinets to a 10 cabinet secure cage at the new Phase IV Data Center in Boca Raton. “We replaced a lot of systems and realized our applications started running faster and more efficiently so we were off to the races to get resources and infrastructure in place to support this expansive spike in traffic. We have an ongoing video project, supported by a new internal system that’s going to replace our previous system. It’s a more dynamic system that requires significantly more resources” further stated Telan.

When asked why Newsmax chose he responded, “The reliability, consistency, and the great customer service. Some providers have limits on power per cabinet of 20 or 40 amps. has always been a good partner, flexible with moves or additional services where needed. has worked with us and facilitated windows of opportunity to move. It’s just been a good partnership. Getting service has never really been an issue. Their team is responsive and people are nice and friendly, yet very competent. The Data Centers are nice, clean, and organized; the air cooling systems are designed to move cold through the cabs very well and not mix with the hot aisles, and most important – no outages (knock on wood).” He concluded by stating, “Personally and professionally, it’s my second home so it’s hard to say anything negative.”

Lenny Chesal,’s CMO stated that, “Newsmax came to us and posed a unique challenge – to architect a solution that would allow them to have an infrastructure that would be easily scalable, flexible, and dynamic, to handle their explosive growth. Our approach when faced with these challenges is straightforward; we provide solutions that allow clients to focus on the growth of their business knowing they are working with a trusted partner who handles their applications and IT infrastructure. Working with Newsmax has been a tremendous experience and to be their partner in this explosive growth phase is an amazing, one of a kind experience.”

About is a multinational provider of managed infrastructure services focusing on cloud computing and storage, colocation, connectivity and business continuity for enterprise organizations. The company operates multiple enterprise class data centers and geographically diverse cloud platforms connected to an extensive fiber optic backbone designed to connect their clients to their suite of managed services. It serves customers in most major metropolitan regions of North America as well as portions of Europe. Founded in 1996, is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Further information about is available at

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