Tranztec Solutions Releases Tranzactor™ – A2A Integrator: Eliminates Manual Data Entry

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Web Hosting ServicesPerrysburg, Ohio – Tranzactor™ – A2A Integrator – Simplifies Integration – Saves Thousands Per Month

Many companies spend thousands per month to comply with their customers’ mandated participation through websites and vendor portals. This activity usually requires hiring staff to access their customer’s systems. The business problem does not stop there. Often, it means entering the information into another system to meet the needs of their own business. Productivity is plagued by laborious and error-prone activity cutting into profits. Automating the extraction, transformation and integration of data improves efficiency and reduces labor costs. Users can enjoy lower monthly operating costs with extraction and automated integration.

Tranzactor™ – A2A Integrator – Automates Data Extraction and Integration

Tranzactor™, one of Tranztec’s core product offerings, has provided many businesses the ability to bring their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction processing in-house and eliminate monthly recurring EDI costs. The release of Tranzactor™ – A2A Integrator now provides businesses the ability to perform two-way integrations from any website or application including WinForms, WPF, Flash, Silverlight, PDF, FoxPro, Microsoft Office, Open Office, even green screens. Tranzactor™ – A2A Integrator expands its Transportation EDI offering to eliminate the manual entry of data from a trading partner’s web portal and integrates with any application. Transportation companies routinely spends expensive personnel time to manually sign-on to a trading partner’s web site to update data on a regular basis. Tranzactor™ – A2A Integrator can automate those processes with more efficiency and better quality, while allowing valuable human resources to focus on more important operational tasks.

About Tranzactor™
Tranzactor™ is a data translation (including EDI) and communication system specifically built for the Transportation Industry. First released in 2007, it is presently in its fourth major version (4.0) and integrates directly with many of the major Transportation Management and Dispatch systems available today. It supports full two way communications via both direct FTP/AS2, and VAN-based communications. Tranzactor™ works seamlessly to automatically decipher and assemble transaction sets, such as Invoices (210), Shipment Status (214), and Load Tender (204) etc. Tranzactor™ manages the entire life cycle of the document including mapping, process execution, monitoring and error-handling. Documents are extracted, ‘translated’, and distributed without intervention. In addition, acknowledgments to be sent or received are monitored, processed and transmitted. The use of automated alerts and notifications update users on ‘sent’ and ‘pending’ transmissions.

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About Tranztec Solutions, Inc.
Tranztec Solutions’ professionals have over 20 years of expertise in software development in the Transportation industry. From EDI solutions to TMW support, Tranztec has experience in every information technology area of the Transportation business. Tranztec’s current customer base includes many different sizes and types of Carriers from most of the 50 United States as well as Canada.

Tranztec Solutions, Inc. is located at 28366 Kensington Lane, Perrysburg, OH 43551

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