YouTube Unblock Proxy Shakes Off Country Restrictions

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, Texas – idcloak Technologies launches a free YouTube unblock proxy that will circumvent country blocks on available YouTube content. The proxy service operates from idcloak’s webpage and requires the user simply to paste in the URL of a blocked video and then choose the country from which they would like to access it. No software download, login or payment is required.

The three countries served by the proxy include the US, UK and Japan, “Together, these three countries make up the majority of all georestricted content in YouTube’s libraries,” says idcloak’s senior researcher Robin Welles. “With access to UK, US and Japanese servers, there is very little YouTube content users can’t access. They must only check that the content they want is not georestricted for copyright reasons.”

The proxy service additionally supports users wishing to access YouTube when the site as a whole is blocked due to censorship on the local connection. Examples of this occurring include institutional web filtering such as in offices or universities; or countrywide censorship of the site.

Unfortunately, Welles says that the proxy’s success in this particular field of unblocking is limited, “Content filters that block access to certain sites tend also to block providers of proxy services. It’s to be expected, since we offer an easy means of discretely accessing prohibited sites. As a result, was recently blocked in China and we have also noticed that some company filter systems prevent access to our site as well.”

There are still options open to fans of YouTube whose access to the site is prohibited. The first is by means of an encrypted IP proxy from the SSL Proxy list which can be applied to a browser’s network settings. These IP proxies may easily be circulated among restricted users by email.

The second option is by means of a software-based VPN bypass proxy, which gives access to multiple servers in countries all round the world. “VPN technology has proven that it is virtually unblockable when run through Port 443, the port used by most HTTPS traffic. It’s the ideal censorship circumvention tool.”

idcloak’s VPN, due for release in September 2013, has been designed especially with these unblocking requirements in mind.

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